Wizard rock is a genre of music that began in the United States in the early 2000s, but has since gained fans from all over the world. As creator of this website, and as an international fan myself, my goal is to collect links, lyrics, discographies, videos and other information and compile them in one place to make it easy for everybody to discover and explore wizard rock, no matter where you are.

I’m new! Help me out!

If you’re just starting to listen to wizard rock, I recommend these bands: Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls, The Parselmouths, The Moaning Myrtles, The MudbloodsThe Butterbeer Experience, The Weasel King, Riddle™ and Roonil Wazlib. But really, listen to as much as you can, and you’ll soon get a good grasp of which styles you prefer. See the Wizard Rock Directory for a comprehensive list of places to buy or download wizard rock, and join the Wizard Rock Discord server to connect with the community!

Want to go to a live show? Check out the Potterhead Calendar by WZRD Radio Podcast to find shows near you!

How to find songs on this site

If you know who sang the song, hop over to the Artists & Bands page and go on from there. If you want to search by lyrics, use the search bar or the Google Custom Search and type in the lines you know. If you’re looking for songs in a particular category, it’s probably better to visit my Tagpacker page and use the filters there. For example, here are all the Romione songs on this site. You can also visit the Index for an automatically updated list of every single page on this site.

How you can help

There is so much about wrock that I still don’t know, or that I can’t find out because websites are no longer available or have redesigned drastically (here’s looking at you, Myspace and Last.fm). If you see a place on this site that is missing information (such as cover art, tracklist, release date, lyrics, etc.) and you can help me out, please use my Contact page to get in touch, or simply Submit what you know. You can also visit my Projects page to see what I’m currently working on.

Of course, you can send in any information you think might be helpful at any time. For example, some of the lyrics here have been collected from other sources, and some have been transcribed from scratch by me, but every single set of lyrics was checked against the audio before being posted. However, I’m not infallible! Please correct any errors that you find (especially if you wrote the song).

About this site

Your Wizard Rock Resource, formerly found at the subdomain wizardrocklyrics under the title Wizard Rock Lyrics, was founded on the 14th of August 2014 and was originally just a home for lyrics to wizard rock songs. It underwent an overhaul and URL change in late 2015 and now holds discographies and playlists, as well as some other things. Who cares if wizard rock is dying? Let’s just be glad it lived.

I decided to rename from Wizard Rock Lyrics to Your Wizard Rock Resource when I realised that I was collecting much more than just lyrics. So it has become a resource instead. The ‘your’ is there because I am only one person, and so much of the content is here because somebody sent me a friendly message with lyrics or dates or cover art. It’s your site as much as mine.

About me (Susannah)

I didn’t discover wizard rock until 2009 or 2010 at least, when I stumbled upon What Kind of Name is Hermione? (by The Parselmouths) on YouTube. So, I probably own very little old (vintage?) wrock music in comparison to those who have been on the scene for much longer. But collecting lyrics has always been a habit of mine, and even before I thought of making this site, I already had a hefty collection of wrock lyrics — mostly for Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls, The Parselmouths and The Butterbeer Experience. I live on the other side of the globe, so have never attended a wrock concert in person, and most of my music is digital rather than physical. However, the first music I downloaded was Penelope by The Hermione Crookshanks Experience (still a damn good EP!) , and the first album I bought was The Bare Bones Collection by Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls.


Thank you to everyone who has helped me out with gathering information, as well as those who have sent in encouragement and words of gratitude. The sources I have compiled from are too numerous to name, but special mentions go to the WizrocklopediaReal Wizard Rock, the Wizard Rock Revival Facebook group and anyone who has ever bothered to send me a tweet or a friendly email.

Please remember that I try to personally listen to every song to edit and check the accuracy of the lyrics before I upload them. If I cannot listen to the song for whatever reason, but someone sent in lyrics, I will note that on the appropriate page.

Although I have been in contact with some, this site is not affiliated with and does not represent any of the bands shown here. For booking and other enquiries, please contact bands directly via their email or social media (not by leaving a comment here, as there is little chance that it will be seen by the intended audience).

For privacy reasons, this site has a first names only policy. The exceptions are when the surname is part of the person’s public/commercial name (e.g. Lauren Fairweather), or when an initial is necessary to differentiate between two people with the same first name on the same page (e.g. on the Erised Night page).

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