Hawthorn & Holly

Leah Schroeder (vocals)
Christie Mowery (vocals)
Eddie Mowery (guitars)
Dave Beaucar (bass)
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Jinxed in the Head (album)

Released 1 July 2007hawthornandholly-jinxedinthehead

  1. Intro
  2. Pansy, Please!
  3. Why Dumbledore Why
  4. La La Luna
  5. Love Will Get Us There
  6. Fizzing Whizbees Baby
  7. Intermission by a Gryffindor [instrumental]
  8. The Art of Parseltongue
  9. A Thing for Malfoy
  10. Polyjuice Potion
  11. Squib

Squib [Wrock Against Bullying, October 2008]
Fair Fortune: A Wrock Opera [Christie Mowery, The Butterbeer Experience, Songs from Beedle the Bard, 20 February 2009]
Knickerbocker Glory [From Beneath These Ashes: A Benefit Album, March 2009]
Black Family Tree [All You Need is (Wizard) Love, 15 April 2009]

My Friends Are Wizards (album)

Released 1 September 2009hawthornandholly-myfriendsarewizards

  1. My Friends Are Wizards
  2. Oh, Child of Mine
  3. Knickerbocker Glory
  4. The Villainous Tale of Flesh, Blood and Bone
  5. I Love Wizard Rock
  6. I Don’t Want My Dad to Go to Azkaban [feat. Swish and Flick]
  7. Marietta’s a Sneak
  8. One of These Days, Ron!
  9. Timeturner
  10. As the Sun Rises and the Smoke Clears [instrumental]
  11. Over and Won
  12. My Friends Reprise [bonus]

Over Christmas Break [Wrockin’ in a Wizard Wonderland, 1 December 2009]
Slytherin Pride [We’re Freaking’ Awesome: A Tribute to Draco and the Malfoys, 11 December 2009]

Christmas Magic (EP)

Released 20 December 2011hawthornandholly-christmasmagic

  1. (I’m Dreaming of a) White Christmas
  2. (I Want a) Hot Wizard for Christmas
  3. A snow falls soft
  4. I Wanna Get a Hippogriff for Christmas
  5. Wizard Wrockin’ Christmas
  6. Christmas Magic
  7. Christmas With My Friends

Rise Above [Wizards and Muggles Rock for Social Justice: Vol. 3, 19 April 2013]
I Am a Wizard [Harry and the Potters cover, A Tribute to Harry and the Potters, 30 November 2015]
Felix Felicis [live, 2016 Wizard Rock Sampler, 3 September 2016]
Her-Story [Hex the Patriarchy, 12 September 2016]
Hermione [2017 Wizard Rock Sampler, 1 September 2017]
Wizard Resistance [Wizards and Muggles Rock for Social Justice: Vol. 4, 14 December 2017]


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