Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls

Christian Caldeiraoliverboydandtheremembralls-hogwartsstoriesfromwithinthewalls
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Welcome to Wizard Rock (album)

Released 21 November 2006Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls - Welcome to Wizard Rock

  1. Chapter 1: So It Begins …
  2. We Are the DA
  3. Get On the Bus
  4. Dumbledore’s Song
  5. Trio in Trouble
  6. Hermione’s Song (You & Me)
  7. Mischief Managed
  8. Oh Ginny!
  9. The Boy Who Lived
  10. Hogsmeade Hop
  11. End of an Era
  12. Requiem of a Love Misguided [bonus]

Back for the Fight (album)

Released 10 July 2007oliverboydandtheremembralls-backforthefight

  1. Train to Nowhere
  2. Draco, Come On
  3. Grab My Wand, I Dare You
  4. Bridge to the Other Side
  5. Happy Christmas Day
  6. You Don’t Know Jack (About Magic)
  7. The Hallows
  8. Back for the Fight
  9. Lupin’s Tale (Where Are We Going)
  10. One Last Summer
  11. End of an Era [acoustic]
  12. Last Call [bonus]

One Last Summer [One More Peaceful Day, August 2007]
Happy Christmas Day [Jingle Spells: Leaky’s Rocking Christmas 2007, November 2007]

Open at the Close (EP)

Released 18 December 2007oliverboydandtheremembralls-openattheclose

  1. Open at the Close
  2. Last Call
  3. Bridge to the Other Side [instrumental]
  4. Train to Nowhere [instrumental]
  5. End of an Era [acoustic, instrumental]

The Slytherin EP

Released 28 June 2008oliverboydandtheremembralls-theslytherinep

  1. ‘Til Death
  2. Flight of the Prince
  3. Spells and Scars
  4. Don’t Make It Hard
  5. Without You

Whoa is Me [Wizards and Muggles Rock for Social Justice: Vol. 2, 1 July 2008]
Forever Together [Ministry of MagicGoodbye Privet Drive, 22 July 2008]
Give It Up [Siriusly Smiling: A Wizard Rock Charity Compilation, 5 August 2008]
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear [Jingle Spells 2, 10 December 2008]
‘Til Death [From Beneath These Ashes: A Benefit Album, March 2009]
Go Go Gryffindors! [The Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, Hocus Opus One, April 2009]
The Weasley Family [The Holyhead Harpies, All You Need is (Wizard) Love, 15 April 2009]
Necessity (I’ll Be Alright) [single, 13 August 2009]
The Meaning of Lonely [single, 13 August 2009]

Bare Bones (acoustic EP)

Released 6 October 2009oliverboydandtheremembralls-barebones

  1. Flash, Bang, Done
  2. Train to Nowhere
  3. Just a Hufflepuff
  4. Flight of the Prince
  5. Lupin’s Tale
  6. There By My Side (Together) [bonus]
  7. In Your Shadow [bonus]

The Prince’s Tale [The Butterbeer Experience, Love Will Prevail: Songs from ‘The Final Battle’, 5 July 2010]
Hunt You Down [The Man in Yellow and Black, 22 September 2010]

Bare Bones, Vol. 2 (acoustic EP)

Released 1 November 2010oliverboydandtheremembralls-barebonesvol2

  1. Necessity
  2. Bridge to the Other Side
  3. Spells and Scars
  4. Oh Ginny
  5. Mischief Managed

The Cold, Wild Yonder [Jingle Spells 4: A Christmas Carol, 1 December 2010]
House Song [Ministry of MagicMagic is Might, 10 December 2010]
Amortentia [Let’s Lumos!, single, 18 January 2011]

End of an Era (EP)

Released 11 July 2011oliverboydandtheremembralls-endofanera

  1. End of an Era [revisited]
  2. End of an Era [acoustic]
  3. End of an Era [2006]
  4. Last Call

One Last Summer [Back to The Burrow: A Wizard Rock Compilation, 16 December 2013]

The Bare Bones Collection (album)

Released 1 November 2014oliverboydandtheremembralls-thebarebonescollection

  1. Flash, Bang, Done
  2. Train to Nowhere
  3. Just a Hufflepuff
  4. Flight of the Prince
  5. Lupin’s Tale
  6. Necessity
  7. Bridge to the Other Side
  8. Spells and Scars
  9. Oh Ginny
  10. Mischief Managed

5 thoughts on “Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls

  1. […] It is creating an entire music genre called wrock, short for “wizard rock,” including bands such as the DeGeorge brothers of Harry and the Potters who coined the term in the early 2000s, Draco and the Malfoys and Tonks and the Aurors, among numerous other groups. MTV even published an article in 2015 with more than enough music to keep you wrocking through the night, though it fails to mention one of my own personal favorite bands, Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls. […]


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