Secret Passages & Hidden Corridors

Secret Passages & Hidden Corridors: A Wizard Rock Soundtrack was first created in 2014, retired in 2015 and resurrected in 2017. It is a soundtrack for the books that is made entirely of wizard rock songs. Thanks to Peg, Grace and Autumn for providing inspiration here and there.

These lists are not meant for you to take at face value! There are far too many songs for that — if you put every song in Volume VII together, the playlist will be over seven hours long! My intention is for you to use these lists as inspiration to create playlists of your own. Use the songs that you own and/or like — I recommend selecting 2-3 songs per book chapter if possible, so that your playlists don’t become too bloated.

Each volume is named after a song it contains — so you can thank The Moaning Myrtles, Gadding With Ghouls, Remus and the Lupins, The Weasel King, Riddle™, Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons & Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls for providing titles! (But mostly JKR.)

Lastly, before anyone asks … I honestly don’t remember why I originally decided to call this project Secret Passages & Hidden Corridors. Something about the expansive and ever-changing nature of Hogwarts’ layout being a loose metaphor for wizard rock in general? Who knows?



2 thoughts on “Secret Passages & Hidden Corridors

  1. Great job on this blog and your Secret Passages page especially! I am relatively new to HP music and have gone crazy with it 😉 Totally fun! Thanks for the lyrics et al!


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