Split Seven Ways

Words cannot describe how much I love Split Seven Ways! Her songs are eerie, dark and deeply poignant, often focusing on Slytherins, and her lyrics are probably the best in wizard rock. Don’t forget to check out her side project, Malfoy Manor, as well.

Cheltanham, England, United Kingdom

Love is the Answer (album)

Released October 2007splitsevenways-loveistheanswer

  1. The Abandoned Boys of Hogwarts
  2. Four Letter Word
  3. Stronger Than Imperio
  4. Let Go
  5. Mother and Brother
  6. Remember Me
  7. Stubborn
  8. Truth Will Out
  9. Lapdog
  10. Brightest Star
  11. We Will Survive
  12. Best Friends Never Leave
  13. All is Well

Re-recorded 2008

  1. The Abandoned Boys of Hogwarts
  2. I Watch You Slip Away
  3. Four Letter Word
  4. Let Go
  5. Mother and Brother
  6. Remember Me
  7. Stubborn
  8. Truth Will Out
  9. Brightest Star
  10. Whatever Happens
  11. Best Friends Never Leave
  12. Albus Potter’s Lullaby
  13. All is Well

The Best Days of Our Lives (EP)

Released 2007splitsevenways-thebestdaysofourlives

  1. It’s Real for Us
  2. Poor Little Rich Boy
  3. Lily Gets All the Boys
  4. I Will Miss You
  5. Amortentia
  6. Childhood’s End
  7. Don’t Make Me Ride That Bike
  8. The Little King
  9. Wedding Photographs

Once Upon a Time [feat. Chaos of the Phoenix, Wrocking on the Borderline, December 2007]

Wormwood & Wolfsbane (album)

Released 2008splitsevenways-wormwood&wolfsbane

  1. Erised
  2. Lullabies and Lies
  3. A Horcrux’s Tale
  4. Demons
  5. Draco Malfoy, Drama Queen
  6. The Servant of Lord Voldemort
  7. Hold My Hand
  8. The Mark Grows Ever Brighter
  9. Once Upon a Time [feat. Chaos of the Phoenix]
  10. Sectumsempra
  11. Skin Deep
  12. Don’t Call Me Coward
  13. The Locket
  14. Destiny
  15. Heaven

To Love a Werewolf [Be My Wrocking Valentine, February 2008]

Oddments & Tweaks (EP)

Released 2008splitsevenways-oddments&tweaks

  1. Teenage Werewolf [The Remus Lupins cover]
  2. He’s Leaving Home
  3. Ghosts (The Walk to the Cave)
  4. Come Home Tonight
  5. More Myself Than I Am

The Very Secret Diary [Wrock Beat!, 8 March 2008]
Forget My Scars [Letters from Hogwarts, May 2008]

Slytherin Hearts (EP)

Released 2008splitsevenways-slytherinhearts

  1. Morsmordre
  2. Slip on the Mask
  3. Potions Abuse parts I & II (highs and lows)
  4. Dreams of What Might Have Been
  5. Brains and Beauty
  6. Die for Love
  7. Fire and Water
  8. Slytherin Hearts [feat. Megan of Tonks!]

Up to No Good (album)

Released 7 July 2008

Physical album cover
Physical album cover
  1. Together ‘Til the End
  2. Up to No Good
  3. Where You Belong
  4. Hand on My Heart
  5. Big Bad World
  6. Conviction
  7. Azkaban Interlude [instrumental]
  8. Every Star in the Sky
  9. Done In By Curtains
  10. Right Hand Man
  11. So Sweet
  12. The Forest Again

The Human Cold Shower [Hogwarts, a History, Siriusly Smiling: A Wizard Rock Charity Compilation, 5 August 2008]
Someday [Wrock Against Bullying, October 2008]

Valedictions (EP)

Released 2008splitsevenways-valedictions

  1. Halfblood Prince (No One Knows My Secrets But You)
  2. Just Say It
  3. The Hanged Man
  4. Rose in the Thorns
  5. Stronger Every Day
  6. Anymore
  7. A Farewell

Wormwood & Wolfsbane [feat. Nagini, Wrock Beat! Part 2, 1 April 2009]

It’s Real for Us (album)

Released c. September 2009splitsevenways-itsrealforus

  1. It’s Real for Us
  2. Sectumsempra!
  3. Dear Cedric
  4. The Trials and Tribulations of Being Blaise Zabini
  5. Wedding Photographs
  6. Lavender’s Lament
  7. Darling Boy
  8. Once Upon a Time [solo version]
  9. The Locket
  10. Footnote
  11. Brave with You [NYC release bonus track]

Quidditch Witch [Swish and Flick, With Love and Poison, 1 October 2009]

Up to No Good digital album cover
Up to No Good digital album cover

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