This site, formerly found at the subdomain wizardrocklyrics, was founded on the 14th of August 2014 and was originally just a home for lyrics to wizard rock songs. It underwent an overhaul and URL change in late 2015 and now holds discographies and newsy updates as well as some other things. Who cares if wizard rock is dying? Let’s just be glad it lived.


I decided to rename from Wizard Rock Lyrics to Your Wizard Rock Resource when I realised that I was collecting much more than just lyrics. So it has become a resource instead. The ‘your’ is there because I am only one person, and so much of the content is here because somebody sent me a friendly message with lyrics or dates or cover art. It’s your site as much as mine.


I didn’t discover wizard rock until 2009 or 2010 at least, when I stumbled upon What Kind of Name is Hermione? (by The Parselmouths) on YouTube. So, I probably own very little old (vintage?) wrock music in comparison to those who have been on the scene for much longer. But collecting lyrics has always been a habit of mine, and even before I thought of making this site, I already had a hefty collection of wrock lyrics — mostly for Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls, The Parselmouths and The Butterbeer Experience. I live on the other side of the globe, so have never attended a wrock concert in person, and most of my music is digital rather than physical. However, the first music I downloaded was Penelope by The Hermione Crookshanks Experience (still a damn good EP!) , and the first album I bought was The Bare Bones Collection by Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls.

There is so much about wrock that I still don’t know, or that I can’t find out because websites are no longer available or have redesigned drastically (here’s looking at you, Myspace). If you see a place on this site that is missing information (such as cover art, tracklist or release date, for example) and you can help me out, please email wrocklyricsblog@gmail.com or use my Contact page. Don’t be afraid to send in lyrics and anything else you think would be helpful as well. I am only one person and I need your help!


Thank you to everyone who has helped me out with gathering information, as well as those who have sent in encouragement and words of gratitude. The sources I have compiled from are too numerous to name, but special mentions go to the WizrocklopediaReal Wizard Rock and anyone who has ever bothered to send me a tweet or a friendly email.

Please remember that I try to personally listen to every song to edit and check the accuracy of the lyrics before I upload them. If I cannot listen to the song for whatever reason, but someone sent in lyrics, I will note that on the appropriate page.