The Weasel King

Missouri, United States

Follow the Red Sparks [One More Peaceful Day, August 2007]

Musical Degree Number Twenty-Four (album)

Released 20 May 2008

  1. Love [intro]
  2. They Can’t Catch Us All
  3. Red Hair
  4. Bury Me
  5. Luna
  6. Through and Through
  7. The Lonely Wild (Interlude) [instrumental]
  8. What You Believe
  9. Already Dead [outro]

Painted Black [From Beneath These Ashes: A Benefit Album, March 2009]

A Square Hole in a House Full of Heart-Shaped Pegs (EP)

Released 18 October 2011

  1. The Flying Motorbike
  2. Graveyard Fantastic
  3. Red Sparks
  4. Just a Name
  5. The Instigators
  6. Painted Black
  7. The Sight, The Sound

Follow the Red Sparks [Back to The Burrow: A Wizard Rock Compilation, 16 December 2013]


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