Twin sisters from the UK team up to create some of the best music ever heard in wizard rock. There’s a good mix of serious and silly songs, too.

Georgia (vocals, piano, guitar)
Victoria (vocals)
Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

More Magic (EP)

Released 2007

  1. Beans
  2. Look at Me
  3. Ode to Voldemort
  4. Thestrals

Fight or Flight [Letters from Hogwarts, May 2008]

Secrets of the Darkest Art (album)

Released 28 May 2008riddletm-secretsofthedarkestart

  1. For Jo
  2. Ode to Voldemort
  3. Thestrals
  4. Ballad of Ron and Hermione
  5. Beans
  6. Look at Me
  7. Draco
  8. A Slytherin Point of View
  9. Hey! My Ollivander
  10. Luna Lovegood
  11. Petunia
  12. Chapter 34

Luna Lovegood [Witches Wrock, 30 September 2008]
Draco’s Christmas Wish [Jingle Spells 2, 10 December 2008]

Riddle Me This (album)

Released December 2008riddletm-riddlemethis

  1. Allegiance
  2. More Than Just a Werewolf
  3. Fight or Flight
  4. The Burrow [feat. The Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office]
  5. Interview with Voldemort
  6. I Must Not Tell Lies
  7. The Letter
  8. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes
  9. Beyond the Veil
  10. Homesick
  11. Bitter About Viktor
  12. Dark Marks Don’t Disappear
  13. 16 Years Ago

Catalyst for Love [Ministry of Magic, Onward and Upward, 30 March 2009]
Celebrate the Day [Jingle Spells 3, 23 November 2009]

Talons & Teacakes (EP)

Released April 2009riddletm-talons&teacakes

  1. I Don’t Need Divination
  2. Phoenix
  3. Rubber Ducks
  4. Lupin

The Burrow [The Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, Hocus Opus One, April 2009]
Under the Stairs
[Georgia, Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons, Songs from Under the Stairs, 21 June 2010]
Remember Cedric [The Remus Lupins, Live at the Leaky Cauldron: Wizard Rock from LeakyCon 2009, 25 October 2010]
Lightning Struck Tower [Live at the Leaky Cauldron: Wizard Rock from LeakyCon 2009, 25 October 2010]
For Jo [Live at the Leaky Cauldron: Wizard Rock from LeakyCon 2009, 25 October 2010]

This Time Around (album)

Released 29 October 2010riddletm-thistimearound

  1. The Boy Who Lived
  2. He Doesn’t Love You
  3. Through the Trapdoor
  4. Forget
  5. Dark Wizard
  6. Shout It Out!
  7. This is Goodbye
  8. The Sorting Hat
  9. Mirror of Erised
  10. Hairy Heart
  11. 9 3/4s
  12. Up to You

Hogwarts: A Pudding [single, 26 December 2011]


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