Jingle Spells 5

Produced by The Leaky Cauldron to support the Harry Potter Alliance. Album art by Frankie Franco III.

Jingle Spells 5 (album)

Released 30 November 2011jinglespells5

  1. Accio Lumos — Accio Christmas
  2. Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills — Hagrid Drank All My Eggnog
  3. Solitary Snape — Snape’s Holiday Blues
  4. Love Wrocks — Wizard Chess at Christmas
  5. The Pumpkin PastiesWhen 13 Dine
  6. Undesirable #1 — Happy Birthday Tom
  7. The Crookshanks Redemption — Full Moon Christmas
  8. Shon Rand — Godric’s Hollow
  9. The Giant Squidstravaganza — Jingle Spells
  10. Awkward Voldemort — My Chrissstmasss Wisssh Lissst
  11. Lav2 — Unsent
  12. Seen and Unforeseen — Hermione’s Christmas Mistake
  13. Harry and the Potters — Livin’ in a Mirror
  14. Pickles4Muggles — Christmas Holiday Partyin’
  15. Heart of Black — I’ve Got Presents!
  16. The VeelasMolly’s Carol
  17. Tonks and the Aurors — This Christmas
  18. Stephanie and the QuafflesHome for the Holidays
  19. Humphrey Belcher and the Cheese Cauldrons — Good Haul This Year
  20. Mulciber Zerstorer — Imperio Father Christmas [bonus]

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