Erised Night

Deceptively simple recordings are made well worth your money by top-notch lyrics and silvery vocals. ‘The Bells on Christmas Eve’ shows an alternate POV of the Godric’s Hollow scene in Deathly Hallows, and ‘The Silver Doe is Waiting’ is an a cappella gem.

Rachel Keeler
San Antonio, Texas, United States

Lullaby [The Battle of Hogwarts, 3 June 2011]

Erised Night (EP)

Released 30 March 2012erisednight-erisednight

  1. Everyone is on Pottermore (But Me)
  2. The Bells on Christmas Eve
  3. Starbucks in Harry’s World
  4. The Silver Doe is Waiting
  5. Unworthy of Your Love: HP Fangirl Version [feat. Rachel Wach]
  6. Lullaby [The Butterbeer Experience cover]

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