Undesirable #1

Harry Potter would probably call himself Undesirable #1 if he were a rapper. You know, because he’s got an ironic sense of humour like that.

Durham, North Carolina, United States

Wizards With Swagger (EP)

Released 5 August 2010undesirable#1-wizardswithswagger

  1. Firewhiskey Red
  2. The Con Song (We Are)
  3. Courage
  4. Dear Lucius
  5. My Dad is Dead [explicit]
  6. Hogsmeade Row [explicit]
  7. Never Look Back
  8. The Wrock Wrap

Happy Christmas (A Journey) [Jingle Spells 4: A Christmas Carol, 1 December 2011]
The Chosen One [The Battle of Hogwarts, 3 June 2011]
Happy Birthday Tom [Jingle Spells 5, 30 November 2011]
Hugs Not Horcruxes [single, 21 January 2012]

My Mic is Magic (album)

Released 14 February 2012undesirable#1-mymicismagic

  1. Feet Support
  2. Gryffindor
  3. Dear Harry [feat. Lauren Fairweather]
  4. Draco Doesn’t Know
  5. Anna
  6. I Am the Doctor
  7. Lumos Maxima
  8. Instrumental (An Interlude)
  9. Shot 4 Shot [feat. Swish and Flick]
  10. The Chosen One
  11. Padfoot

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