Seen and Unforeseen

Extraordinarily talented, delightfully witty, criminally underrated.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

My Parents Are Muggles [demo, 2010]

My Parents Are Muggles E.P

Released 1 July 2011seenandunforeseen-myparentsaremugglesep

  1. Luna Lovegood is O.K.
  2. My Parents Are Muggles
  3. Dobby
  4. Hoot
  5. Audrey (My Home)

Worth Fighting For (album)

Released 1 July 2012seenandunforeseen-worthfightingfor

  1. Meanwhile
  2. Accompany Me
  3. Her Again
  4. Jacob’s Ladder
  5. The Kiss
  6. The Wolfman
  7. Garden
  8. Don’t Let the Moon
  9. Pep-Talk for Harry
  10. Worth Fighting For

Voldemort’s Secret Santa [Jingle Spells 4: A Christmas Carol, 1 December 2010]
Hermione the Horcrux Hunter [Gred and ForgeUp to No Good, 1 August 2011]
Hermione’s Christmas Mistake [Jingle Spells 5, 30 November 2011]


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