Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club

The Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club was launched in January 2007 by Harry and the Potters. It is a subscription club that releases a different CD every month from a different Wizard Rock band. Proceeds from the sales of subscriptions are donated to literature-related non-profit organizations. [source]


To support First Book.

  1. The Hungarian HorntailsThe First Task (January)
  2. Voldemort — Evil is Sexy (February)
  3. The Remus Lupins — Horcruxes and Hand Me Downs (March)
  4. Remus and the Lupins — Born to Howl (April)
  5. Ginny and the Heartbreakers Love Storm (May)
  6. The Parselmouths Illegal Love Potion (June)
  7. Harry and the Potters The Enchanted Ceiling (July)
  8. Roonil WazlibPutting Fluffy to Sleep (August)
  9. The Fleur DelacoursI Now Pronounce You Mrs. Bill Weasley (September)
  10. The Marauders — Hogwarts 1975 (October)
  11. Draco and the MalfoysFamily (November)
  12. Dumbledore — Lemon Drop … the Beat (December)


To support First Book and the Harry Potter Alliance.

  1. Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar QuillsHufflepizza (January)
  2. The Gryffindor Common Room RejectsStill Recruiting (February)
  3. CatchloveWake Up Harry (March)
  4. Gred and ForgeWhat Witches Want (April)
  5. The MudbloodsA War Amidst Pop Songs (May)
  6. The Hermione Crookshanks ExperiencePenelope (June)
  7. Harry and the PottersIn the Cupboard (July)
  8. The Nifflers — Let’s Make It Rock (August)
  9. Big Whompy — Treestylin’ (September)
  10. Tom Riddle and Friends — Bob Hope is a Vampire (October)
  11. The Basilisk in Your PastaI Ate My Frog (Again) (November)
  12. The Giant Squidstravaganza — Death to Humans (December)


To support the Harry Potter Alliance.

  1. Shrieking Shack Disco Gang — Kabloomers! Destruction! (January)
  2. Mary and the GrandPrés — Hymns of Truth and Light (February)
  3. Tonks and the AurorsTonks for the Memories (March)
  4. Riddle™Talons & Teacakes (April)
  5. MC Kreacher — Alone in the Dark (May)
  6. PeevedNitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! (June)
  7. BXB DXLXN Sings the Songs of Harry and the Potters (July)
  8. The Moaning MyrtlesBathroom Acoustics (August)
  9. Danny DementorI Wanna Be a Wizard (September)
  10. Swish and Flick — With Love and Poison (October)
  11. The Whomping WillowsSongs for Professors (November)
  12. Harry and the PottersLive at the Yule Ball 2008 (December)