Why Fight?

Why fight
When it seems that to live, we must give up ourselves and be brave?
We fight ’cause we love, we fight for our friends
— ‘Why Fight?’, Seven Potters [source]

In the same way that Harry and the Potters’ ‘The Weapon’ is an anthem for love and equality (and rightly so), Seven Potters’ ‘Why Fight?’ deserves to be known as a bright spark in the face of the awful, horrifying truths that have surfaced about some of the most well-known and respected members of the wizard rock community. In light of these events, that became publicly known a year ago, at the time of this writing (March 2015), I decided to collect some of the good things people have said about the wrock community.

That’s what this page is for. It’s a safe space, full of positive thoughts and honest, warm-hearted feedback, primarily from wrockers about wrock music … but you’re more than welcome to add your own tributes in the comments section.

As Rebecca of Seven Potters writes (and I agree with her), ‘No matter how much it seemed like it at the time, wizard rock was never about the few, but the many — us.’ The Wrock Snob adds, ‘Wizard rock was never really truly about the rockstars. It certainly wasn’t about the indie wrockers. It wasn’t even about the books or the music. Wizard rock was – no, wizard rock is about the people, the stories they have, and the lives that were changed.’

Amen to that. Let’s hear it, not for taking back our fandom, but for rejoicing in what is truly ours, because that sense of community and family can never be taken away as long as there is one person out there who expresses appreciation. ONE. Let’s be many.

Anvil and the Hints

‘The best new Aussie wrocker of 2010-11. Anvil and the Hints have superb vocals and the album is largely themed on the Ron-Hermione relationship.’
— Alex of The Wizarding World about I’m With Ginger [source]

‘Anvil and the Hints is one of the best wizard rock bands out there, and their debut album is excellent! You won’t be disappointed.’
— The 8th Horcrux about I’m With Ginger [source]

The Butterbeer Experience

‘… an extremely talented wrocker …’
— Errand of Mercy [source]

‘Lena is one of those people who make wizard rock look really good. She’s an excellent musician and songwriter and she captures the themes Jo’s Tales of Beedle the Bard exquisitely on this album.’
— The Potterwatch Project about Songs from Beedle the Bard [source]

‘Songs from Beedle the Bard is one of my favorite Butterbeer Experience EP’s. It even inspired me to write a musical (namel the song The Peverelle story. One of the best wrock songs out there).’
— Rachel of Erised Night [source]

The Buttermellows

‘Her lyrics are fantastic, and I enjoy the rawness of her sound and the honesty of her music. ‘
— Kelli of The Sweetwater All-Stars [source]

‘Her voice is fantastic! And I love the blue grassy, folk-ish sound. There aren’t enough wrockers like this.’
— Keshara of Foundation of Fair Fortune [source]

Danny Dementor

‘I don’t like particularly like muggle rap or hip hop or dance, but Danny Dementor’s lyrics are SO GOOD.’
— Rebecca of Seven Potters [source]

‘I’m a sucker for awesome rhymes.’
— Keshara of Foundation of Fair Fortune [source]

Diagon Alley

‘They’ve put on the best wrock show I’ve ever seen. I hadn’t really heard of them before Wrockstock 09, but they really rocked hard and have a great energy on stage that translates well to their recordings. ‘
— Kelli of The Sweetwater All-Stars [source]

Harry and the Potters

‘Harry and the Potters are classic. They started it all, and most of their music is astonishingly, awesomely punk.’
— Rebecca of Seven Potters [source]

‘I think they’re great…their music is hilarious and I appreciate that their recordings are honest and not over-processed.’
— Kelli of The Sweetwater All-Stars [source]

‘HatP makes wizard rock look fun. They’re witty and campy and (on this album anyway) sound like they’re falling down the stairs as they play. What could be better?’
— The Potterwatch Project [source]

Hollow Godric

‘Probably the most criminally underrated wizard rock band of all time.’
— Russ of Creevey Crisis [source]

How Airplanes Fly

‘Abril’s voice is amazing. Uh-mazing. Possibly one of the top 5 voices in wizrock. Her music is great.’
— Kelli of The Sweetwater All-Stars [source]

‘“Believe” by How Airplanes Fly is probably one of my favorite wrock songs I’ve heard so far.’
— Keshara of Foundation of Fair Fortune [source]

‘How Airplanes Fly also has some of the best written, catchiest and truest songs I’ve ever heard, and my heart will always go out to a simple acoustic guitar. ‘
— Rebecca of Seven Potters [source]

The Hungarian Horntails

‘The Hungarian Horntails have a lot of good stage presence, and I respect that.’
— Brittany of The Parselmouths [source]

Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills

‘I like the simplicity and straight-forwardness of his music, and he also has a fun stage presence.’
— Kelli of The Sweetwater All-Stars [source]


‘Kwikspell just rocks. If you’ve never heard her, you should. ‘
— Kelli of The Sweetwater All-Stars [source]

‘Kwikspell … is superbly nice and her acoustic sound is lovely.’
— Tracy of Pgymy Puff Invasion [source]

‘I love this album because it’s raw and exciting. It adds new breath to the world of wizardly love, which is always a good thing. Give it a listen!’
— Muggles & Mudbloods about Pretending for Real [source]

Lauren Fairweather

‘Lauren, who also performs as part of the Moaning Myrtles has written some truly heartfelt songs and brought together a really fabulous bunch of musicians on this recording.’
— The Blibbering Humdingers about The Prince’s Tale [source]

‘Lauren Fairweather, another talented wrocker. She wrote a whole album about Snape, so I can’t -not- be a fan…’
— Errand of Mercy about The Prince’s Tale [source]

‘I’ve always been a fan of the Moaning Myrtles, so I’m pretty excited about this new release from Lauren Fairweather. Thank you, Lauren, for keeping good wizard rock alive.’
— The Potterwatch Project [source]

Let’s Lumos!

‘I think I have a voice loving thing, because Let’s Lumos!’s music has absolutely beautiful vocals. And their lyrics are fantastic.’
— Keshara of Foundation of Fair Fortune [source]

Lily & James

‘Lily and James are probably the next best thing to the Blibbering Humdingers. They’re funny and artistic, with clever lyrics, great voices and they’re full of musical talent.’
— The Blibbering Humdingers about House Pride [source]

MC Kreacher

‘I’m a sucker for awesome rhymes.’
— Keshara of Foundation of Fair Fortune [source]

‘My latest fascination is MC Kreacher, which is kind of funny because I do not listen to muggle rap, but man is he clever and I just can’t wait to hear what he will say next.’
— Mandala of Witherwings [source]

Mimbulus Mimbletonia

‘The first Australian botantical wrock album! Mimbulus Mimbletonia is a great influence of mine and the album is a beautiful, downbeat piece of acoustic art.’
— Alex of The Wizarding World about Advanced Defence Mechanisms [source]

The Mudbloods

‘I miss them. I think Adam Dubberly is pretty much the best songwriter ever. Muggle or wizard. The Mudbloods’ music is also very catchy and familiar and just nice to listen to. ‘
— Kelli of The Sweetwater All-Stars [source]

Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls

‘Well produced, but also well written, and it just sounds so darn good! I love his voice, too.’
— Keshara of Foundation of Fair Fortune [source]

‘When I was in a room of HP fans one day, someone started singing “End of an Era” and we all started crying and hugging each other. I’ve never felt prouder or more sad.’
— Tamara of Obliviate! [source]

‘I just love Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls. You can hear his heart in his voice.’
— Mandala of Witherwings [source]


‘Grace Kendall, a.k.a. Snidget, is a very talented and sweet wrock artist. I fell in love with her dulcimer playing years ago and she has only built up her repertoire.’
— Errand of Mercy [source]

The Weasel King

‘I also love The Weasel King, which I find in my car CD player more often than any other wrock CD.’
— Mandala of Witherwings [source]

The Whomping Willows

‘I generally enjoy his lyrics more than anything.’
— Keshara of Foundation of Fair Fortune about The Whomping Willows [source]


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