Volume VI: When the Time Comes

Based on: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling

Featuring: Anvil and the Hints, The Blibbering Humdingers, The Butterbeer Experience, The Chinese Chomping Cabbages, Errand of Mercy, Ginny and the Heartbreakers, Ginny and the Weasleys, Harry and the Potters, The Hermione Crookshanks Experience, How Airplanes Fly, KwikSpell, Let’s Lumos!, Malfoy Manor, Marked as His Equal, The Moaning Myrtles, The MudbloodsObliviate!, Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls, The Parselmouths, QuickSpell, Riddle™, Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons, Roonil Wazlib, Siriusly Hazza P, Split Seven Ways, Talons & Tea Leaves, Tianna and the Cliffhangers, The Weasel King, Witherwings

Chapter 1: The Other Minister

None yet

Chapter 2: Spinner’s End

Split Seven Ways — Right Hand Man
Split Seven Ways — Die for Love

Chapter 3: Will and Won’t

None yet

Chapter 4: Horace Slughorn

None yet

Chapter 5: An Excess of Phlegm

None yet

Chapter 6: Draco’s Detour

The Mudbloods — Wizard Wheezes Radio Hour
Riddle™ — Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes
Ginny and the Heartbreakers — George and Fred

Chapter 7: The Slug Club

None yet

Chapter 8: Snape Victorious

Siriusly Hazza P — Harry Turtle

Chapter 9: The Half-Blood Prince

Errand of Mercy — Dark Arts
Harry and the Potters — This Book is So Awesome
How Airplanes Fly — To Fall in Love
Anvil and the Hints — Thank You, Amortentia

Chapter 10: The House of Gaunt

Let’s Lumos! — A House Grown With Ivy
Riddle™ — He Doesn’t Love You
The Butterbeer Experience — Merope’s Song

Chapter 11: Hermione’s Helping Hand

None yet

Chapter 12: Silver and Opals

None yet

Chapter 13: The Secret Riddle

Witherwings — The Tale of Tom Riddle

Chapter 14: Felix Felicis

KwikSpell — Good to See You Wallenby
Anvil and the Hints — Oppugno

Chapter 15: The Unbreakable Vow

The Weasel King — Luna
Harry and the Potters — Hermione’s Birds and Boys

Chapter 16: A Very Frosty Christmas

Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls — Happy Christmas Day
Tianna and the Cliffhangers — Ode to Scrimgeour
Harry and the Potters — (not gonna put on) the Monkey Suit

Chapter 17: A Sluggish Memory

None yet

Chapter 18: Birthday Surprises

The Blibbering Humdingers — Romilda
Harry and the Potters — We Save Ron’s Life, Part 8

Chapter 19: Elf Tails

The Hermione Crookshanks Experience — Hey Hey Ron

Chapter 20: Lord Voldemort’s Request

Creevey Crisis — Cup

Chapter 21: The Unknowable Room

Roonil Wazlib — Ode to Lav-Lav
Anvil and the Hints — Lavender’s Lament
The Butterbeer Experience — Draco-is-a-Death-Eater Theory

Chapter 22: After the Burial

Harry and the Potters — Save Ginny Weasley from Dean Thomas
Ginny and the Weasleys — Dean Don’t Push Me
The Mudbloods — Eulogy for an Acromantula
KwikSpell — Lucky Tonight
Harry and the Potters — Felix Felicis

Chapter 23: Horcruxes

None yet

Chapter 24: Sectumsempra

Split Seven Ways — Lavender’s Lament
How Airplanes Fly — The Sweater With Red Hair
Obliviate! — Sparks
KwikSpell — Boy in the Girls Restroom
The Moaning Myrtles — Emo Guy
Split Seven Ways — Sectumsempra!
Harry and the Potters — Sectumsempra!
Ginny and the Heartbreakers — The Happiest Day
Marked as His Equal — She Kissed Me

Chapter 25: The Seer Overheard

None yet

Chapter 26: The Cave

None yet

Chapter 27: The Lightning-Struck Tower

Marked as His Equal — Intruder
Riddle™ — Draco
Malfoy Manor — Second Thoughts
Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls — Flight of the Prince
Riddle™ — Lightning Struck Tower

Chapter 28: Flight of the Prince

Riddle™ — Dark Marks Don’t Disappear
Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls — Hunt You Down
Harry and the Potters — The Blood of a Prince
Marked as His Equal — No Master at the Helm
Riddle™ — The Letter

Chapter 29: The Phoenix Lament

Talons & Tea Leaves — Fawkes’ Lament
Harry and the Potters — Phoenix Song
Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls — Lupin’s Tale
Split Seven Ways — So Sweet
Marked as His Equal — Elle Est Un Veela

Chapter 30: The White Tomb

The Weasel King — Through and Through
How Airplanes Fly — I Lay
QuickSpell — Dumbledore
The Parselmouths — Oh Dumbledore
Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls — Dumbledore’s Song
Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons — Lightning
How Airplanes Fly — Wait for Me
Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls — Oh Ginny!
Ginny and the Heartbreakers — Dragons and Beasts
The Weasel King — Red Hair
The Chinese Chomping Cabbages — I Understand
How Airplanes Fly — Forget the Girl
Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons — When the Time Comes


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