Volume II: Rise of the Basilisk

Based on: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling

Featuring: The Butterbeer Experience, Dobby and the House Elves, Gadding With Ghouls, Ginny and the Heartbreakers, Ginny and the Weasleys, Harry and the Potters, How Airplanes Fly, Hungry Hungry HippogriffsThe LovegoodsMarked as His Equal, Miranda Puffskein, The Moaning Myrtles, MoonyTunes, The Parselmouths, Percy and the Prefects, Riddle™, Roonil Wazlib, QuickSpell, Siriusly Hazza P, Split Seven Ways, Stephanie and the Quaffles, The Veelas

Chapter 1: The Worst Birthday

None yet

Chapter 2: Dobby’s Warning

Marked as His Equal — A Dobby Ditty

Chapter 3: The Burrow

QuickSpell — The Rescue

Chapter 4: At Flourish and Blotts

Ginny and the Weasleys — When Harry Came to Stay

Chapter 5: The Whomping Willow

Harry and the Potters — Back to School

Chapter 6: Gilderoy Lockhart

The Butterbeer Experience — A Mandrake’s Lament
Marked as His Equal — Important Lessons

Chapter 7: Mudbloods and Murmurs

Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs — Ron’s Wand
The Parselmouths — Eat Slugs

Chapter 8: The Deathday Party

Stephanie and the Quaffles — Deathday Party

Chapter 9: The Writing on the Wall

The Parselmouths — I’ve Been Dead for Fifty Years
Percy and the Prefects — Which is Witch

Chapter 10: The Rogue Bludger

None yet

Chapter 11: The Duelling Club

None yet

Chapter 12: The Polyjuice Potion

Riddle™ — Hogwarts: A Pudding
Siriusly Hazza P — Why’d I Do It?

Chapter 13: The Very Secret Diary

The Moaning Myrtles — Don’t Throw That Book at Me
Ginny and the Weasleys — The Valentine Song

Chapter 14: Cornelius Fudge

Roonil Wazlib — Bookworm

Chapter 15: Aragog

How Airplanes Fly — Follow the Spiders
Harry and the Potters — Follow the Spiders

Chapter 16: The Chamber of Secrets

Siriusly Hazza P — Pipes
Harry and the Potters — Save Ginny Weasley
The Moaning Myrtles — And Then I Died

Chapter 17: The Heir of Slytherin

Ginny and the Weasleys — Dear Tom
Split Seven Ways — The Very Secret Diary
Gadding With Ghouls — Rise of the Basilisk
Ginny and the Weasleys — Thanks to You
Ginny and the Heartbreakers — I Was Possessed
Miranda Puffskein — Weasley Like Me
The Lovegoods — Share My Toilet

Chapter 18: Dobby’s Reward

Dobby and the House Elves — Sock in the Book
The Veelas — Free
MoonyTunes — Dobby the (Free) House Elf


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