Guess the Songs

Here’s a little “quiz” I set up, just for fun. It has 26 songs from 26 wrock bands, and each song begins with a particular letter of the alphabet. It’s your job to identify the song (and the band, for a bonus point!). Some are well-known and others are more obscure — I just hope I’ve selected a good mix.

If a song begins with ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’, I’ll use the first important word of the title. For example, a song called ‘The Boy Who Lived’ would be sorted under ‘B’. Highlight the space next to ‘answer’ to read the answer.


Forget my jealousy; I hope that you can still trust me
‘Cause, Harry, you’re my best friend in the world

Answer: Roonil Wazlib – Apology


The light is fading through my tears
No voice calls out, no sign appears
So, I lay a wreath beside your grave
Dry my eyes, begin to walk away

Answer: Erised Night — The Bells on Christmas Eve


I can be your Hogwarts tie
I can make you look good and I can hold you tight

Answer: How Airplanes Fly — Chocolate Frog Card


Am I running out, running out of love?
Can my parents still protect from way up above?
Or am I going bad?

Answer: The Butterbeer Experience — Dreams


Sometimes I could stop your tears
Stop you from your crying
But, in the end, I’m sorry
I could not stop you from dying

Answer:  The Lost Diadems — Eyes to Die For


You were always such a hopeless optimist
For the greater good; now it’s come to this

Answer: Split Seven Ways — Footnote


And though I never could be as pure as you say
Just you believing will get me through the hard days

Answer: The HMS Wolfstar — Give Me the Moon


Just like magic, it seems, these books can make you
Feel like you’re never alone

Answer: Lauren Fairweather — Home


Don’t think that you’re right, don’t think that you know what it’s like
Facing a man whose name you’re too afraid to speak

Answer: Riddle™ — I Must Not Tell Lies


It’s hard to be the outsider looking in through glass
When everyone is praising somebody else, some other class

Answer: Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls — Just a Hufflepuff


The only thing I really feared was the potions master, Snape
But I won’t let that in the way of fighting Voldemort

Answer: Seven Potters — Kill the Snake


I don’t think you’re right in the head
But I wouldn’t mind getting you in my bed

Answer: Swish and Flick — Love Me Luna


My mum says she loves me when she tucks me into bed
How’s your mummy doing in the Mirror of Erised?

Answer: Draco and the Malfoys — My Dad is Rich


The greatest magic lies in love, and it’s running through your veins
Confusing your enemy ’cause it’s something he will never understand

Answer: QuickSpell — Not My Son


Thrice escaped and thrice defied
I hope this time we will survive
Oh, little one, this much is true
We’ll fight ’til death to protect you

Answer: Hawthorn and Holly — Oh, Child of Mine


I helped him solve the mystery of the egg
But I’d like to solve the mystery between his legs

Answer: The Moaning Myrtles — Prefects Are Hot


I don’t care if it’s raining
I don’t mind if it’s cold
Because boys in Quidditch outfits
Are a sight just to behold

Answer: The Parselmouths — Quidditch is My Favorite Sport


We could scream from the top of our lungs
Fighting all we were forced to become

Answer: The Honeyduke’s Cellar Gang — Revolution


I’ll make this easier, at least for you
And by the morning, you won’t remember who
I am

Answer: The Hermione Crookshanks Experience — So Long and Goodbye


Hold on tight to what you can’t see
Close your eyes, don’t look down
Through the night, we need to help Harry

Answer: The Gryffindor Common Room Rejects — Thestral’s Flight


I was just a little boy
Sleeping all alone
Waiting for morning to come
But he destroyed my home

Answer: The Puffskein Experience — Under My Skin


You killed Dumbledore to take over, so it seems
And we’re here to say, we’re here to stay
We’re gonna put you in your grave

Answer: Ginny and the Heartbreakers — Volde-who?


If you wanna help Harry, we’ve got to stay safe and lay low for a while
And I know that you are upset, but would it hurt for you to smile?

Answer: Buckbeak’s Flight — The Wings of Me


Snow falls like dandruff from Professor Flitwick
And outside, it’s colder than Malfoy’s mother

Answer: Harry and the Potters — Xmas Rulez, Voldemort Droolz


All the tables are lit with lantern light
Crystal goblets and glittering golden plates
I can hardly wait for the band to play

Answer: Ginny and the Weasleyes — The Yule Ball


Voldemort never put fear in my heart
But, then I read book six
And now I am scared of it

Answer: The Mudbloods — Zombies!


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