Here are some answers to some questions you may have about wrock, this website or me. There’s also a FAQ page at Wizrocklopedia.

What is wizard rock?

Here’s what the Wizrocklopedia says:

The quick and easy answer to this question is that wizard rock is the phrase used to describe music written about or inspired by the Harry Potter series. Wizard rock bands vary in genre and subject matter as well as the perspective from which the songs are sung. The popularity of wizard rock is mainly due to the band Harry and the Potters, although many newcomers to the classification have been introduced to it by other bands.

How did wizard rock start?

Again, the Wizrocklopedia can answer this better than I.

Who are you?

My name’s Susannah and I’m from Australia. I’ve never attended a wrock concert in person, and most of my collection is digital rather than physical. I just like wizard rock.

You haven’t got the lyrics for [so-and-so]. Can you please add them?

Yes! Just ask on my Contact page.

You haven’t got the lyrics for [so-and-so]. Can I submit them?

Sure! Use the Contact form or send an email to wrocklyricsblog@gmail.com.

You made a mistake on [so-and-so]. Can you please fix it?

Just comment on whichever lyrics you’re referring to, and I’ll double-check them to make sure.

Are you going to put up lyrics for songs by MoM and TRL?

There are already lyrics on this site for a couple of songs by both bands, as well as artist pages, but I don’t know whether or not I’ll put up more. I tend to put up first put up lyrics for songs that I own and/or listen to, so these bands are definitely not a priority.

If you don’t know about the abuse scandal concerning Luke Conard, Alex Carpenter and Alex Day, as well as many members of the YouTube and wizard rock communities, please have a look at these pages:

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