Wrock Hard Ditties

Compiled by Lani of Anvil and the Hints to support Cancer Council Australia’s Pink Ribbon Day campaign.

Wrock Hard Ditties (album)

Released 1 October 2011wrockhardditties

  1. Ninen 3/4 — King of Serpents
  2. Blue and Yellow Wand — Pure Muggles
  3. The Wizarding World — The Boy Who Lived
  4. The Wizarding World — We Gotta Fight
  5. Detention with Dolores — The Other Minister
  6. How Airplanes FlySuch a Shame
  7. The Puffskein Experience — H-A-R-R-Y
  8. Slytherin Soundtrack — We’re Not Giving Up
  9. Anvil and the Hints — Lavender’s Lament
  10. Mimbulus Mimbletonia — My Love is Made of Euphemisms
  11. The Lone Gunman — Muggle Music
  12. Tonks and the Werewolves — Fleur
  13. Anvil and the Hints — Prowling
  14. Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs — Rock Hogwarts
  15. The 8th Horcrux — Romilda

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