Wrock Beat!

Compiled by Zoë Bromelow of Split Seven Ways to support Beat.

Wrock Beat! (album)

Released 8 March 2008wrockbeat

  1. Luna’s Ceiling — More Real Than Real
  2. The Vanishing Cabinet — Luna’s Song
  3. Chasing Quaffles — Quidditch Yard Anthem
  4. Creevey Crisis — Two Loves [acoustic]
  5. Malfoy Manor feat. Chaos of the Phoenix — Star-Cross’d Brothers
  6. Blue and Bronze — Albus Severus
  7. DJK Rowling — Invisibility Cloak
  8. The Unforgivable Curses — Herbology Greenhouse #3
  9. Hallows and Horcruxes — Just the Girl
  10. Neville’s Greenhouse — Snape Was Good
  11. The Knockturn Alley Project — Puppet!Hardcore
  12. Split Seven Ways — The Very Secret Diary
  13. The Schizophrenic Fangirls — Just a Hufflepuff
  14. The Purebloods — Knockturn Alley
  15. Reflections of Lily — More Than a Huge Git
  16. Blue and Yellow Wand — I Will Do Whatever It Takes
  17. Chasing Quaffles — Dumbledore’s Got Style

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