Wrock Against Bullying

Compiled by Jenn of The Vanishing Cabinet and Essence of Dittany to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada.

Wrock Against Bullying (album)

Released October 2008wrockagainstbullying

  1. Chaos of the Phoenix — Realms Hitherto Unknown
  2. Hawthorn & Holly — Squib
  3. Buckbeak’s Flight — Rock With a W
  4. The House of Black — House Elf Slave
  5. Luna’s Ceiling — Death Eater’s End
  6. The Unforgivable Curses — I Am a Wizard
  7. Narcissa Black — Inferi Arise [instrumental]
  8. Tonks! — Pizza Face
  9. 142 Staircases — Don’t Walk All Over Me
  10. The Whomping Willows — I Believe in Nargles [live]
  11. Creevey Crisis — On the Run
  12. Diagon Alley — Diagon Alley
  13. Swish and Flick — Cho Chang (Shake Your Thang)
  14. The Blibbering Humdingers — Hufflepuff
  15. Remedial Potions — The Boy from Spinner’s End
  16. Split Seven Ways — Someday
  17. The Vanishing Cabinet — Look at You Now
  18. Neville’s Diary — Draco is Stanko
  19. Colin and the Creeveys — DA Days
  20. The Department of Rock — The Last Enemy
  21. The Curse Breakers — Cheer Up Cho
  22. Dawlish and the Archies — Stone of the Bezoar
  23. The Wizarding World — Severus Snape
  24. Blue and Yellow Wand — Draco’s a Brat

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