This Album is Not a Horcrux

Compiled by Brett of Slytherin Soundtrack to support the Harry Potter Alliance.

This Album is Not a Horcrux (album)

Released 5 July 2011thisalbumisnotahorcrux

  1. This Theme is Not a Horcrux
  2. The 8th Horcrux — Priori Incantatem
  3. Eyes Like Mine — Signed R.A.B.
  4. Lily & James — The Patronus Song
  5. Slytherin Soundtrack — We Got Love for All
  6. The Cruciatus Curse — Arise
  7. Anvil and the HintsPatronus Light
  8. Alex Boyd — I Could Use a House Elf
  9. Mopey Merope — Under the Stairs
  10. Petrificus Totalus — The Army
  11. Mimbulus Mimbletonia — The Battle of Hogwarts
  12. The Wizarding World — Neville Longbottom
  13. Stephanie and the Quaffles — My Patronus
  14. Love Wrocks — Chocolate Song
  15. The Perks of Being a Wizard — We’re More Than a Fandom
  16. Lily & James — We Are All Beautiful
  17. The Honeyduke’s Cellar GangOpen at the Close

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