The Mudbloods: A Tribute

Compiled by Kelli of The Sweetwater All-Stars as a tribute to The Mudbloods and to support the Harry Potter Alliance. Album art by Bethany of KwikSpell.

The Mudbloods: A Tribute (album)

Released 1 August 2011themudbloodsatribute

  1. Gred and Forge — It’s Dragons
  2. How Airplanes Fly — We Stand Alone Together
  3. The Horcrux Heroes — Harry’s Lament
  4. Tonks and the Aurors — Siren
  5. Hogwarts, a History — I Wish You’d Be My Witch [parody]
  6. The Dumbledore’s Army Band — Freedom is Only a Hippogriff Away
  7. The Sweetwater All-Stars — Imperious Regrets
  8. The Deathsticks — Eulogy for an Acromantula
  9. Statutory Snape — Wizard Wheezes Radio Hour
  10. Creevey Crisis — Happy Ending
  11. The Buttermellows — Pensieve Full of Unrequited Love
  12. Secondhand Magic Supplies — Since March, Since September and Still
  13. KwikSpell — Ginny and Me
  14. Roonil Wazlib — The Fall
  15. The Hogwarts Glee Club — Ode to Broom

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