The Best of the 2007 Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club

Produced by Harry and the Potters to support the Harry Potter Alliance.

The Best of the 2007 Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club (album)

Released 24 October 2008thebestofthe2007wizardrockepofthemonthclub

  1. Dumbledore — U Down w/OOTP?
  2. The Remus Lupins — Slytherin Don’t Dance
  3. The Parselmouths — Illegal Love Potion
  4. Ginny and the Heartbreakers — Volde-who?
  5. The Hungarian Horntails — killthebasilisk
  6. The Fleur Delacours — Fleur Weasley
  7. Remus and the Lupins — Expecto Patronum
  8. Harry and the Potters — Never Going to the Bathroom Again
  9. The Marauders — Snape’s Worst Memory
  10. Roonil Wazlib — Trevor the Toad
  11. Voldemort — Cradle of Filch
  12. The Hungarian Horntails — my face
  13. Draco and the Malfoys — VI
  14. The Marauders — Transformation Interlude
  15. Harry and the Potters — The Gringotts Goblin Coaster
  16. Ginny and the Heartbreakers — Harry You’re a Hottie
  17. Roonil Wazlib — Green Eyes
  18. The Fleur Delacours — To Bill
  19. Voldemort — Feeding the Basilisk
  20. The Parselmouths — Who is Blaise Zabini?
  21. Dumbledore — D.Bowla
  22. Remus and the Lupins — To Sirius
  23. Draco and the Malfoys — VIII
  24. The Remus Lupins — Support the Order

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