One More Peaceful Day

Compiled by Josh of The Bandon Banshees to support First Book.

One More Peaceful Day (album)

Released August 2007. Eleven tracks on this album (indicated by asterisks) are available on the 2013 re-release of the follow-up compilation Back to The Burrow.

  1. Hollow Godric — Glimmers*
  2. The Weasel KingFollow the Red Sparks*
  3. Bella’s Love — Angsty Wizard Summer
  4. Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls — One Last Summer*
  5. The Mudbloods — Melted Ice Cream, Ultra-Violet Radiation, and Other Things I Hate About Summer*
  6. The Bandon Banshees — This Song is a Horcrux
  7. Ministry of Magic feat. The Parselmouths — Snape vs. Snape*
  8. The Knockturn Alley Project — Weasleycore
  9. The Cruciatus Curse — What If?
  10. Severely Snaped — Summer of Love*
  11. Shorthand Phonetics — Magic is Away for the Season
  12. Voldemort & The Sectumsempras — Imperio/Under Control
  13. Tom Riddle and Friends — Fleur, Mon Ami
  14. Dumgbombs Rock — Man, That Was Dumb
  15. Gred and Forge — Ginny Gets Around*
  16. The Dumbledore’s Army Band — The Going Back to Privet Drive Blues*
  17. Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons – Believe*
  18. Marked as His EqualRun Free*
  19. The Remus Lupins — Rock the Hogwarts Grounds*

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