Love Letters from Hogwarts

Compiled by Brett of Slytherin Soundtrack to support the Harry Potter Alliance, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Reading is Fundamental.

Love Letters from Hogwarts (album)

Released 7 February 2011lovelettersfromhogwarts

  1. The 8th Horcrux — (Ginny’s) Love Story
  2. Luna’s Ceiling — Catchpole Idyll
  3. Slytherin Soundtrack — Dear Harry (Love Romilda)
  4. Stephanie and the Quaffles — The Mirror of Erised
  5. Anvil and the Hints — Thank You, Amortentia
  6. Love Wrocks — Anti-Snogging Song
  7. Eyes Like Mine — Cho’s Woes
  8. Leth I. Fold — Whata Muggle Born Knows
  9. Love Wrocks — Vane Attempt
  10. The Wizarding World — Ginny Be Mine
  11. Slytherin Soundtrack — In Which Ron and Hermione Grow Old Together
  12. Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs — Not Going Back

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