A Hogwarts Halloween

Compiled by Brett of Slytherin Soundtrack to support the Harry Potter Alliance.

A Hogwarts Halloween (album)

Released 26 October 2010ahogwartshalloween

  1. Slytherin Soundtrack — The Haunting of the Third Floor
  2. Stephanie and the QuafflesTroll in the Dungeons
  3. Go! Go! Gryffindor — This Is
  4. Seven Potters — The Basilisk and the Halloween Feast
  5. Slytherin Soundtrack — Deathday for Magicians
  6. Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs — A Wizard Halloween
  7. Xenophilius — Tarantellegra
  8. Room of whateva — Fidesamor
  9. Slytherin Soundtrack — The Witch in the Night
  10. Room of whateva — Halloween is Fun but …
  11. Stephanie and the QuafflesDeathday Party ’92
  12. Tuning into Potterwatch
  13. Crookshanks — Deathday
  14. Shrook — A Slytherin Halloween
  15. Ninen 3/4 — Werewolf on the Grounds
  16. Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills — Trollin’ for Lovin’

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