2016 Wizard Rock Sampler

Compiled by Grace of Snidget.

2016 Wizard Rock Sampler (album)

Released 3 September 20162016wizardrocksampler

  1. Kirstyn HippeBroken Wand
  2. Flitwick and the CharmersWish You Well
  3. Tianna and the CliffhangersWhat’s Wrong
  4. Percy and the PrefectsScabbers and Ron (Freaky Little Man)
  5. MudbludShe’s a Keeper
  6. Miranda PuffskeinWanna Be a Weasley
  7. Errand of MercyDark Arts
  8. Gyantess — Useless
  9. QuickSpellWindow in Our Hearts
  10. How Airplanes FlyWolfstar (Map of Your Heart)
  11. The Honeydukes Cellar GangJust Like Viktor Krum
  12. The Nargeleptics — Green Eyes
  13. Scych — Chocolate Frogs and Licorice Wands
  14. Hawthorn & Holly — Felix Felicis [live]
  15. Ariel Factor Birdoff feat. Dandy Decadence — HufflePride
  16. The 8th Horcrux — A Werewolf is Fine for Tonks
  17. Draco and the Malfoys — Azkaban Prison Blues
  18. Ashley Hamel — The Pensieve [demo]
  19. Twitterbug — All is Well

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