Tianna and the Cliffhangers

This one-woman band often focuses on social justice and alternative headcanons throughout her cheeky lyrics.

Formerly called ‘I Speak Tree’
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

A Sirius Christmas [Wrockin’ in a Wizard Wonderland, 1 December 2009]

Got Bark? (album)

Released 3 September 2010 (as ‘I Speak Tree’)tiannaandthecliffhangers-gotbark

  1. Freckled
  2. Herbology Class
  3. I Believe in Nazguls [The Whomping Willows filk]
  4. Horcruxes
  5. I’ll Be Your Witch
  6. Muggle Suburbia
  7. Padfoot
  8. Wanna Be a Weasley
  9. Windows
  10. Enervate
  11. Library Lover

Final Façade [The Battle of Hogwarts, 3 June 2011]

Trees Are Taller Than Me (album)

Released 17 September 2011 (as ‘I Speak Tree’)tiannaandthecliffhangers-treesaretallerthanme

  1. Double-Edged
  2. Final Façade
  3. Footnotes
  4. Not Society’s Slave
  5. Fall of Voldy [feat. Steph Anderson of Tonks and the Aurors]
  6. Spill
  7. When the Bombs Fall
  8. Who’s to Say
  9. Ode to Scrimgeour
  10. Worth It
  11. Funhouse
  12. Obliviate Me

Fangz 2 Raven: An EP About My Immortal (EP)

Released 15 January 2012 (as ‘I Speak Tree’)tiannaandthecliffhangers-fangz2raven

  1. Flamaz Stop Flamin
  2. Gurl U So Kawaii
  3. Ode to Joel Madden
  4. Back in Tim (It Was a Mistak)
  5. Volxemort and the Death Dealers

Sassy and Sweet [single, 21 July 2012]
Lily Evans, Feminist [single, 22 August 2012]

Out of Character (album)

Released 9 September 2013tiannaandthecliffhangers-outofcharacter

  1. Adrenaline
  2. Portkey to My Heart
  3. Teddy and Victoire
  4. Samwise the Brave
  5. Time to Grow Up
  6. Fool
  7. It Takes One
  8. Don’t Be a Stranger
  9. Blood
  10. Hey Ginny
  11. April
  12. Seabound
  13. If My Life is a Joke
  14. In Love With Lily
  15. Lion and the Moon [feat. Katie Hall]

Dementors [feat. Katie Hall, single, 15 August 2014]
Furry Little Problem [single, 16 October 2014]

Picking Up Where You Left Off (album)

Released 6 June 2015tiannaandthecliffhangers-pickingupwhereyouleftoff

  1. What’s Wrong
  2. Us Versus Them
  3. Graves
  4. Falling
  5. Breadcrumbs
  6. Chosen
  7. Lie Low at Lupin’s
  8. Alice
  9. Blessed
  10. Dodged a Bullet
  11. Flammable
  12. I Want You
  13. Pretty Leader

Dementors [single, 30 October 2015]
The Missing Arm of Viktor Krum [Harry and the Potters cover, A Tribute to Harry and the Potters, 30 November 2015]
What’s Wrong [2016 Wizard Rock Sampler, 3 September 2016]

That’s So Gay (EP)

Released 15 October 2016tiannaandthecliffhangers-thatssogay

  1. My Cursed Child Review
  2. End of the Line
  3. O Captain
  4. The Slytherin Itch
  5. The Train Surged On

Breadcrumbs [Wizards and Muggles Rock for Social Justice: Vol. 4, 14 December 2017]


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