The Secret Broom Cupboard of Salazar Slytherin

Probably the longest wizard rock band name ever …

Huntington, Indiana, United States

People Change in the Maze … (album)

Released 2 July 2011thesecretbroomcupboardofsalazarslytherin-peoplechangeinthemaze

  1. Who Knew?
  2. I Hope the Best Man Wins
  3. Oh, Ronald…
  4. A Lesson in Non-Verbal Magic
  5. Nothing Without You
  6. Hey Hermione (Why’d You Choose Him?)
  7. The Slytherin Anthem
  8. The Battle of Ron and Hermione [demo]

That Night [single, 6 January 2012]

Our Years At Hogwarts EP

Released 5 June 2012thesecretbroomcupboardofsalazarslytherin-ouryearsathogwartsep

  1. Certain Defeat
  2. I’ll Save You, Harry
  3. In Which We Fight Against Umbridge and Form the D.A.
  4. A Summer With the Weasleys
  5. The End

After the War (EP)

Released 19 December 2013thesecretbroomcupboardofsalazarslytherin-afterthewar

  1. The Final Act of the First Wizarding War
  2. Minerva McGonagall’s Misgivings
  3. Hagrid’s Hope
  4. Petunia’s Apology (I’m Sorry, Lily)
  5. Far Better Days Are on the Dawn
  6. After the War
  7. Harry, Thank You

From the Bowels of the Chamber EP

Released 2 January 2015thesecretbroomcupboardofsalazarslytherin-fromthebowelsofthechamberep

  1. A Foolish Ravenclaw
  2. Cho Chang (A Failed Dream)
  3. I Now Know
  4. Hermione’s Choice
  5. This is for James and Lily Potter
  6. Dumbledore is Dead
  7. Hogwarts is Home for Christmas [The Brothers Black vocal cover]

One thought on “The Secret Broom Cupboard of Salazar Slytherin

  1. Hey, it’s James, of the said TSBCoSS project, and I just want to say this site looks beautiful, and it’s a lovely database and collection of Wizard Rock. Thank you for the work you’ve put into it. Plus, the database of our songs looks almost better without the gaudy red-green design we’ve stuck with for years ><D Thanks for your work, this is a great site.


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