My Obsession

I am his right-hand woman
The Dark Lord’s little pet
Someday he’ll say he loves me
At least, that’s what I’d bet
My life is his for taking
I live and breathe for him
The others are pathetic
I’m loyal through and through

Waiting, wanting [Voldemort:] (Bellatrix, darling, go fetch me some water)
[Bellatrix:] Yearning, learning [Voldemort:] (Bellatrix, please, I’m trying to work)
[Bellatrix:] Wistful aching [Voldemort:] (Bellatrix, it’s getting late; you should go home)
[Bellatrix:] Cheating, scheming [Voldemort:] (Bellatrix, really, don’t give me that smirk)

He is my pain, my sliver
A cinder in my skin
Orphan child of James and Lily
Do you really think you’ll win?
I am your waking nightmare
The chill that chokes your spine
I’ll flood your veins with venom
The Boy Who Lived, you will die

[Voldemort:] Waiting, wanting [Bellatrix:] (Voldemort, darling, can I fetch you some water?)
[Voldemort:] Yearning, learning [Bellatrix:] (Voldemort, please, can I help you with something?)
[Voldemort:] Wistful aching [Bellatrix:] (It’s getting late — do you need me to stay?)
[Voldemort:] Cheating, scheming [Bellatrix:] (If you’d just ask, I’d throw out this ring)

[Voldemort:] You are my obsession [Bellatrix:] (You are my obsession)
[Voldemort:] A fire burning strong [Bellatrix:] (A fire burning strong)
[Voldemort:] Gold dancing with crimson [Bellatrix:] (Gold dancing with crimson)
[Both:] And I can only burn for so long

[Voldemort:] Hear me now, I’ll have you [Bellatrix:] (Hear me now, I’ll have you)
[Voldemort:] It’s already gone too far [Bellatrix:] (It’s already gone too far)
[Voldemort:] There’s an end to this hell we’re going through [Bellatrix:] (An end to this hell we’re going through)
[Both:] Our fate is spelled in the stars


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