The Boy Who Lived

  • Title: ‘The Boy Who Lived’
  • Band: The Moaning Myrtles
  • Albums: Port-a-Potty EP (2006), Toilet Humor (2007)

Toilet Humor (2007)

Mr and Mrs Dursley, of Number Four, Privet Drive
Were proud to say that they were perfectly normal (thank you very much)
They were the last people you’d in anything strange or mysterious
Because they didn’t hold with such nonsense

Mr Dursley was the director of a firm called Grunnings, which made drills
He was a big beefy man with hardly any neck
Although he did have a very large moustache

Mrs Dursley was thin and blonde and had nearly twice the usual amount of neck
Which came in very useful, as she spent so much of her time
Craning over garden fences, spying on the neighbours

The Dursleys had a small son called Dudley
And in their opinion, there was no finer boy anywhere

The Dursleys had everything they wanted, but they also had a secret
And their greatest fear was that somebody would discover it
Somebody would discover the Boy Who Lived, the Boy Who Lived


One response to “The Boy Who Lived”

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