The Lovegoods

Very fun wizard rock with a unique sound. I like their entire EP, but my favourite song is probably ‘Werewolf’.

Elsa Ruck (vocals, electric guitar)
Graeme Ruck (bass guitar)
Graham Watson (drums)
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Wrackspurts [single, 29 June 2016]
Emo Harry [single, 29 June 2016]
Hogwarts is My Home [single, 1 July 2016]
Share My Toilet [single, 6 July 2016]
Hufflepuff Anthem [single, 13 August 2016]

The Lovegoods (EP)

Released 16 June 2017thelovegoods-thelovegoods

  1. Share My Toilet
  2. Hufflepuff Anthem
  3. Wrackspurts
  4. Werewolf
  5. Hogwarts is My Home

Werewolf [2017 Wizard Rock Sampler, 1 September 2017]
Happy Christmas [single, 1 December 2017]



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