The Curse Breakers

How original you can get when you create an entire album out of your voice and lyrics and couple it with some of those free backing tracks that are included in programs like iMovie? Pretty damn original, as it turns out. The result is impressive, to say the least. ‘Full Moon’ is probably the best of the lot, though her entire album is fairly solid.

Valencia, California, United States

The Curse Breakers (EP)

Released circa 2008thecursebreakers-thecursebreakers

  1. Full Moon
  2. The Battle of Hogwarts
  3. Harry’s Grumpy
  4. Erised
  5. Be My Dementor
  6. Cheer Up Cho
  7. Restricted Section

Cheer Up Cho [Wrock Against Bullying, October 2008]
Dobby’s Christmas Wish


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