The Bandon Banshees

The Bandon Banshees have been around for a long time, and have released some songs that are pretty funny. Josh was responsible for An Enchanted Christmas, One More Peaceful Day and the mega-compilation Back to The Burrow.

California, United States

Merry Everything! [An Enchanted Christmas, December 2006]

The Bandon Demo (album)

Released before May 2007 (probably).

  1. Giant Intro
  2. Wizard Rock Cake
  3. Bandy Bandon Banshees!
  4. Magical Me
  5. Sadzkaban
  6. The Goblet of Rock
  7. Waking Up
  8. Waiting for You (Voldemort)
  9. Whole Again [instrumental]
  10. A Toast to the Fallen

This Song is a Horcrux [One More Peaceful Day, August 2007]
Magical Me 2 [Wrocking on the Borderline, December 2007]

Wizard Rock Cake (EP)

Online edition released 31 July 2010. Recorded May 2007. Album art by Joel H.thebandonbanshees-wizardrockcake

  1. Waiting for You (Voldemort)
  2. Goblet of Rock
  3. This Song is a Horcrux
  4. Magical Me
  5. If I Had a Dollar
  6. Mudbloods & Murmurs
  7. Wizard Rock Cake

Christmas Rock Cake [Back to The Burrow: A Wizard Rock Compilation, 16 December 2011]

Friends of the Library (EP)

Released 1 December 2012thebandonbanshees-friendsofthelibrary

  1. Christmas Rock Cake
  2. Under the Mistletoe [Harry and the Potters cover]
  3. Up to Something
  4. Professor Lupin Doesn’t Have a Mustache!
  5. Do Wizards Get Fat?
  6. Quidditch Brings the World Together
  7. Christmas Day

The Professor EP

Released 27 September 2013thebandonbanshees-theprofessorep

  1. Up to Something
  2. Magical Me

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