Seven Potters

Seven Potters is primarily concerned with celebrating and studying the end of the series and Book 7 and the future of Harry Potter. Most of my songs so far are either HP nostalgia or songs about the end of the series. But I don’t limit myself too much. As far as point of view, anything goes: wizard or Muggle, male or female, human or animal (or inanimate object).
— Rebecca [source]

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

How to Destroy a Horcrux, Part 8 (album)

Released 1 October 2010sevenpotters-howtodestroyahorcruxpart8

  1. Seven Past Five from Stoatshead Hill
  2. Dudley
  3. Ginny’s Song, or Problem #23 with the End of Book 7
  4. Foom: A Reflection on Wizard Rock
  5. Harry Potter Blues
  6. Chocolate in the Library
  7. Lightning in My Hand
  8. How to Destroy a Horcrux, Part 8
  9. Kill the Snake
  10. We Fools Who Love
  11. Then There Were Three

The Basilisk and the Halloween Feast [A Hogwarts Halloween, 26 October 2010]

Why Fight (EP)

Released 26 January 2014sevenpotterswhyfight

  1. Why Fight
  2. Dumbledore, I Wish
  3. Mrs. Weasley’s Song
  4. Together

Why Fight? [single, 23 March 2014]

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