Roonil Wazlib

Molly Newman
Sunnyvale, California, United States

Muggle Knitting Patterns (album)

Released 24 July 2006roonilwazlib-muggleknittingpatterns

  1. My Spell-Check Quill Died
  2. Ode to Lav-Lav
  3. Poor Eloise
  4. Wow, Awesome Silver Hand!
  5. Dragons Make Very Nice Pets
  6. I’m in Love with a Werewolf
  7. My Mirror is My Best Friend
  8. Mollywobbles
  9. Get Me to an Apothecary
  10. Twelve Grimmauld Place
  11. Rap Master T
  12. Mischief Managed
  13. That’s What My Friends Call Me

On the Wings of a Bird [demo, single, 1 December 2006]

Putting Fluffy to Sleep (EP)

Released 1 August 2007roonilwazlib-puttingfluffytosleep

  1. The Fog
  2. Green Eyes
  3. Trevor the Toad
  4. Bookworm
  5. Someone Isn’t Getting Any …
  6. Putting Fluffy to Sleep

Voldemort Controls the Media [Rocking Out Against Voldemedia: A Harry Potter Alliance Compilation, 10 December 2007]

Timeturner (album)

Released 12 August 2008roonilwazlib-timeturner

  1. Leaving for Hogwarts
  2. Bookworm
  3. Please Shut Up
  4. Apology
  5. Sneak
  6. Cave Confessions
  7. The Trace
  8. I Do
  9. Meow, or, Where is Hermione and Where the Heck Are My Favorite Kibbles?
  10. I’m in Love with a Werewolf (But He’s Being a Complete Idiot and I’m Not Sure I Can Take It Anymore)
  11. Song of the Locket
  12. Shell Cottage
  13. Warning
  14. Not the End
  15. Epilogue

Epilogue [Witches Wrock, 30 September 2008]
Trevor the Toad [The Best of the 2007 Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club, 24 October 2008]
Green Eyes [The Best of the 2007 Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club, 24 October 2008]
The Mandrake’s Carol [Jingle Spells 2, 10 December 2008]
Not the End [From Beneath These Ashes: A Benefit Album, March 2009]
The Fall [The Mudbloods: A Tribute, 1 August 2011]
Shell Cottage [Back to The Burrow: A Wizard Rock Compilation, 16 December 2011]


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