Roonil Wazlib

Molly’s gentle voice and soothing (mostly) melodies will make you think she’s the most mellow, sweet wizard rock band ever. But also listen to her earlier music, especially ‘Ode to Lav-Lav’ and ‘My Mirror is My Best Friend’, and you’ll soon appreciate her versatility.

Sunnyvale, California, United States

Muggle Knitting Patterns (album)

Released 24 July 2006roonilwazlib-muggleknittingpatterns

  1. My Spell-Check Quill Died
  2. Ode to Lav-Lav
  3. Poor Eloise
  4. Wow, Awesome Silver Hand!
  5. Dragons Make Very Nice Pets
  6. I’m in Love with a Werewolf
  7. My Mirror is My Best Friend
  8. Mollywobbles
  9. Get Me to an Apothecary
  10. Twelve Grimmauld Place
  11. Rap Master T
  12. Mischief Managed
  13. That’s What My Friends Call Me

On the Wings of a Bird [demo, single, 1 December 2006]

Putting Fluffy to Sleep (EP)

Released 1 August 2007roonilwazlib-puttingfluffytosleep

  1. The Fog
  2. Green Eyes
  3. Trevor the Toad
  4. Bookworm
  5. Someone Isn’t Getting Any …
  6. Putting Fluffy to Sleep

Voldemort Controls the Media [Rocking Out Against Voldemedia: A Harry Potter Alliance Compilation, 10 December 2007]

Timeturner (album)

Released 12 August 2008roonilwazlib-timeturner

  1. Leaving for Hogwarts
  2. Bookworm
  3. Please Shut Up
  4. Apology
  5. Sneak
  6. Cave Confessions
  7. The Trace
  8. I Do
  9. Meow, or, Where is Hermione and Where the Heck Are My Favorite Kibbles?
  10. I’m in Love with a Werewolf (But He’s Being a Complete Idiot and I’m Not Sure I Can Take It Anymore)
  11. Song of the Locket
  12. Shell Cottage
  13. Warning
  14. Not the End
  15. Epilogue

Epilogue [Witches Wrock, 30 September 2008]
Trevor the Toad [The Best of the 2007 Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club, 24 October 2008]
Green Eyes [The Best of the 2007 Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club, 24 October 2008]
The Mandrake’s Carol [Jingle Spells 2, 10 December 2008]
Not the End [From Beneath These Ashes: A Benefit Album, March 2009]
The Fall [The Mudbloods: A Tribute, 1 August 2011]
Shell Cottage [Back to The Burrow: A Wizard Rock Compilation, 16 December 2011]


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