The Boggart Song

Penelope, she told me
Please get your priorities straight
My reply, my stupid reply:
The Ministry is in its rightful place

Those words that day were the last ever exchanged
I had promise with the Ministry
If she couldn’t see that, she’d be holding me back
So I let her go, when she chose to leave

What would she see if she were to see me?
What do I have to show?
I climbed the Ministry ladder to an arrogant underling
Walking to an empty home
What would I see if I were to see her?
Witty, dear, stunning Penny
Does she still hate me? Does she even think of me?
No, by now, she would’ve found somebody

I chose the Ministry over Penelope

The Ministry, my sweet Ministry
Now reeks with the stench of Voldemort
And it takes its toll standing in a toilet bowl
Each day to flush myself to work

The monument Magic is Might, a daily dreadful sight
I pass, pretending it doesn’t bother me
But the eye on Umbridge’s door is getting hard to ignore
A symbol to the murder of Moody

What would I see if I saw a Boggart?
How would my fears be placed?
Would it be torture, probably failure?
Or would I see my father’s face?
What would I hear if with a Dementor?
I know Harry hears his mother’s scream
Would it be similar – my mother sobbing?
Or worse, would I hear nothing?

I chose the Ministry over family

Do you think it’s easy to live without family?
‘Cause I’ve given up everyone that I love
To do what I thought was right
And I’ve put in everything
To get here with the Ministry
And now to learn that all I’ve been working for
I’ve been working for the Dark Lord
Well, not anymore

I’m choosing family; I choose family


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