An underrated band! Their second EP is pretty awesome, but my favourite song is ‘She’s a Keeper’, because … well, listen to it.

Formerly called ‘The Mudbluds’
Dakota (vocals, guitar)
Jacob (drums)
Gadsden, Alabama, United States

Wizard Rock is Not Dead (EP)

Released 28 August 2015 (as ‘The Mudbluds’)mudblud-wizardrockisnotdead

  1. Avada Kedavra, My Heart
  2. I Wanna Be a Muggle
  3. In Cindy, Oh!
  4. Butterbeer

Snitches Get Witches (EP)

Released 22 July 2016mudblud-snitchesgetwitches

  1. Enter the Great Hall
  2. The Sorting Hat Gave Me Head Lice
  3. She’s a Keeper
  4. Save Ginny Weasley [Harry and the Potters cover]
  5. Honeydukes Express
  6. There’s Something Living in the Lake
  7. Wizard Wrock Wrap [bonus]

She’s a Keeper [2016 Wizard Rock Sampler, 3 September 2016]


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