KwikSpell rocks! ‘Good to See You Wallenby’ is my JAM.

Austin, Texas, United States

Magic 101 (EP)

Released 20 May 2008kwikspell-magic101

  1. Sunshine Daisies Butter Mellow
  2. Ode to Umbridge
  3. May June July August
  4. Buzz Worthy (The Quibbler Song)
  5. Je T’aime
  6. Ravenclaw Crush
  7. Green-Eyed Monster
  8. It’s a Ginger! [feat. Statutory Snape]
  9. Voldemort Killed the Hufflepuff Star

Good to See You Wallenby (album)

Released 20 April 2010kwikspell-goodtoseeyouwallenby

  1. Good to See You Wallenby
  2. Lucky Tonight
  3. Madame Pomphrey
  4. Boy in the Girls Restroom
  5. Out Through the Cupboard
  6. Firenze and I Are Friends
  7. Somewhere
  8. Gillyweed (The Neville Song)

Yuletide Anthem [Jingle Spells 4: A Christmas Carol, 1 December 2010]
Ginny and Me [The Mudbloods: A Tribute, 1 August 2011]

Pretending for Real

Unreleased (dated 29 October 2011)kwikspell-pretendingforreal

  1. Pretending for Real
  2. Great Hall
  3. Where I Belong

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