Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs

I wish Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs were better known, because they’ve released some quality songs, especially on Monsters Have Feelings Too.

Glastonbury, Connecticut, United States

A Wizard Halloween [A Hogwarts Halloween, 26 October 2010]
Christmas at Hogwarts [Jingle Spells 4: Bonus Tracks, 1 December 2010]
Not Going Back [Love Letters from Hogwarts, 7 February 2011]

Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs Demo EP

Released 21 March 2011hungryhungryhippogriffs-demoep

  1. Polypoop Potion
  2. Bertie Bott’s Beans
  3. I’m Leaving Tonight
  4. I’m Ron Weasley
  5. Why Draco? Why?

I Wanna Live in The Burrow! [single, 7 April 2011]
Rock Hogwarts [Wrock Hard Ditties, 1 October 2011]

Monsters Have Feelings Too (EP)

Released 11 November 2011hungryhungryhippogriffs-monstershavefeelingstoo

  1. I’ll Go Back in Time
  2. Harry We Will Walk With You
  3. Ron’s Wand
  4. The Final Battle

You’re a Star [single, 1 December 2013]





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