Halloween at Hogwarts

While the others are asleep
With their bellies full of sweets
From their tricks and their treats
I lie awake
In my creaky old bed
With visions in my head
From the sounds of the undead
I’m wide awake

So I wake my old friend, Hermione
And I say, ‘Come on, friend, and follow me’
So we creep down the stairs
Feeling very aware
That there’s something in the air
This Halloween

Tiptoeing through the common room
‘What’s that?’ ‘Oh, I tripped on a misplaced broom’
Hermione grabs my arm
And shouts out a charm
To keep us out of harm
As we venture on

Crawling through the portrait on the wall
We make our way to the Great Hall
The moonlight from the ceiling
Gives an icy feeling
And now my mind is reeling
What could it be?

What could it be?
What could it be?
What could it be?
Oh, jeeves, it’s Peeves!


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