Gadding With Ghouls

Don’t let them fool you with their electronic sound and edited vocals — they’re catchy and capable, and ‘Winner Takes All’ is one of their best.

England, United Kingdom

Dare to Gad (album)

Released 6 September 2012gaddingwithghouls-daretogad

  1. Azkaban Lament
  2. The Office of Tom Riddle
  3. War is Coming
  4. One More
  5. All I Know
  6. Winner Takes All
  7. Summer Wish
  8. Friends Like These
  9. Back in the Day
  10. The First Task
  11. Oh Luna
  12. House Elf Fashion Fix
  13. Delores Delores
  14. Voldygroove (Shake Your)

Magic’s Here (for Christmas Day) [single, 30 November 2012]

Servings from the Hopping Pot (EP)

Released 16 May 2013gaddingwithghouls-servingsfromthehoppingpot

  1. The Office of Tom Riddle
  2. Winner Takes All
  3. Voldygroove (Shake Your)
  4. Never Known a Ghoul Like You Before
  5. Rise of the Basilisk
  6. Magic’s Here (for Christmas Day) [bonus]

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