Creevey Crisis

Often loud, occasionally acoustic, always original. Creevey Crisis’ music deserves a good listen to. In particular, I love ‘Not Standing Silent’.

Dartmouth, Massachusetts, United States

Moving Photos & Memories (album)

Released 1 October 2007. Album art by Coronaboy Graphics.creeveycrisis-movingphotos&memories

  1. Tonight
  2. With You
  3. Dear Tom
  4. Mother’s Eyes
  5. Stop You
  6. Four of Us
  7. The Flight
  8. One Last
  9. Stand Up
  10. With You [acoustic, bonus]

Key to Ron’s Heart [Be My Wrocking Valentine, February 2008]
Two Loves [acoustic, Wrock Beat!, 8 March 2008]
Without Love [Letters from Hogwarts, May 2008]

Not Standing Silent (album)

Released 1 June 2008. Album art by Maria.creeveycrisis-notstandingsilent

  1. D’Anthem
  2. Sins of the Father
  3. Weaker Path
  4. Right Here
  5. Two Loves
  6. Why
  7. Tiny in Death
  8. Test
  9. Broken
  10. Reflections Personified
  11. Winter
  12. Walk with Me
  13. Not Standing Silent
  14. Not Standing Silent [acoustic,  bonus]

Again Dennis? [Siriusly Smiling: A Wizard Rock Charity Compilation, 5 October 2008]
On the Run [Wrock Against Bullying, October 2008]

Maybe in Four Years (acoustic EP)

Released 1 December 2008creeveycrisis-maybeinfouryears

  1. On the Run
  2. Of Heroes and Heartbreaks
  3. Raise Your Glass [feat. Jarrod of Gred and Forge]
  4. The Seeker Reaches
  5. Tiny in Death [feat. Grace of Snidget]
  6. True Gryffindor
  7. Don’t Look Back
  8. Maybe in Four Years [feat. Steph of Tonks and the Aurors]

All My Magic [All You Need is (Wizard) Love, April 2009]

VII (album)

Released 6 November 2009creeveycrisis-vii

  1. Overture [instrumental]
  2. Diary
  3. Ring
  4. Cup
  5. Locket
  6. Diadem
  7. Harry [instrumental]
  8. Nagini
  9. Finale

Unfinished Spells (album)

Released 28 February 2010creeveycrisis-unfinishedspells

  1. Second Chances (Are Never as Good as the First)
  2. Two Loves [acoustic]
  3. Mouthful of Food
  4. On the Run
  5. Off to Hogwarts
  6. Just to Know
  7. Apparate Away
  8. Key to Ron’s Heart
  9. With You [acoustic]
  10. Without Love
  11. Winter
  12. The Battle of Tom Riddle

This Ship Has Sailed (EP)

Released 11 July 2011creeveycrisis-thisshiphassailed

  1. House Pride [feat. Danny of Hogwarts, a History]
  2. Apparate Away
  3. Autumn Note [Hollow Godric cover]
  4. Half Past Grace
  5. Quark
  6. Leave This Behind

Happy Ending [The Mudbloods: A Tribute, 1 August 2011]
A Creevey Carol [single, 19 December 2012]

Moving … Again! (EP)

Released 11 July 2013creeveycrisis-movingagain

  1. Sacramede
  2. With You
  3. Dear Tom
  4. Stay Safe
  5. Of Heroes and Heartbreaks
  6. Too Many Summers [Standing in Line cover]
  7. Walk with Me
  8. Stand Up

Throwing Eyes Into Forests (EP)

Released 3 April 2018creeveycrisis-throwingeyesintoforests

  1. Dangerous Times
  2. Ron is a Moron
  3. Begin Anew
  4. Cast Aside
  5. At the Gates
  6. Without You [feat. Steph of Tonks and the Aurors]



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