I don’t even know to describe Catchlove, but I know that I love this band a lot. ‘It’s Still Snowing’ (a collab with Danny Dementor) is probably one of their best-known songs, and for good reason.


OMG! It’s Catchlove! (EP)

Released 8 June 2007

  1. [?]
  2. [?]
  3. [?]
  4. [?]
  5. [?]

Where Do We Go From Here? (album)

Released 17 July 2007catchlove-wheredowegofromhere

  1. The Second War Begins
  2. The Lonely Life of Sir Nick
  3. I Told You So
  4. Krum and the Mighty Ocean
  5. I Found Love in Wizard Rock
  6. In Which Our Claps Defeat Lord Voldemort
  7. Headed to the Ministry [feat. Lauren of The Moaning Myrtles]
  8. Where Do We Go From Here
  9. Mother’s Day (Your Love)
  10. This Will Never Work [feat. Kristina of The Parselmouths]
  11. Remember the Good Times?
  12. Dumbledore (Show Us What You’re Made Of)
  13. Ron, I’m Telling You …
  14. It’ll Be OK
  15. Remember the Good Times? [live, bonus]
  16. All the Lonely People [bonus]
  17. House of Awkward Theme Song [The Whomping Willows cover, bonus]

It’s Snowing [Jingle Spells: Leaky’s Rocking Christmas 2007, November 2007]
Potterwatch [Rocking Out Against Voldemedia: A Harry Potter Alliance Compilation, 10 December 2007]

OMG! It’s Christmas (EP)

Released c. December 2007

  1. Untitled Xmas Intro Track
  2. Aragog the Spider
  3. Christmas Wishes for Draco
  4. Unless We Sing (Jingle Bells)
  5. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
  6. It’s Snowing
  7. Deck the Halls

Wake Up Harry (EP)

Released 1 March 2008catchlove-wakeupharry

  1. Wake Up Harry
  2. The Diary
  3. Dontcha Know
  4. Peter Pettigrew (The Rat)
  5. Legacy of the Fallen Wizard
  6. Never Coming Back
  7. If This Wand Could Talk
  8. Headed to Hogwarts
  9. We’re the Students of Hogwarts

It’s Quite Alright [Wizards and Muggles Rock for Social Justice: Vol. 2, 1 July 2008]
Every Time … [Siriusly Smiling: A Wizard Rock Charity Compilation, 5 October 2008]
It’s Still Snowing [feat. Danny Dementor, Jingle Spells 2, 10 December 2008]

It’s Still Snowing (EP)

Released December 2008catchlove-itsstillsnowing

  1. One Christmas … (Carol of the Bells)
  2. Christmas Wishes
  3. It’s Snowing
  4. ‘Tis the Season
  5. A Proposition (It’s Quite Alright)
  6. The Letter (Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies)
  7. The Yule Ball (She Said Yes)
  8. It’s Still Snowing [feat. Danny Dementor]
  9. Luna (A Christmas Song)
  10. We Wish You a Merry Christmas [feat. The Cornish Pixie Choral Delight]


Released 15 July 2009catchlove-heart

  1. Untitled
  2. Students at Hogwarts
  3. I Found Love
  4. Post-Its (it’ll be ok ii)
  5. Every Time …
  6. Don’t Panic
  7. So Damn Cute
  8. It’s Really All About Me
  9. Dontcha Know
  10. Headed to Hogwarts
  11. Back Home Where I Belong
  12. Sing to Me

I Found Love [remix, From Beneath These Ashes: A Benefit Album, March 2009]
Sybill Trelawney [All You Need is (Wizard) Love, 15 April 2009]
Wake Up Harry [The Best of the 2008 Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club, 1 March 2010]
We’re the Students at Hogwarts [The Best of the 2008 Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club, 1 March 2010]


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