Anvil and the Hints

The best new Aussie wrocker of 2010-11. Anvil and the Hints have superb vocals and the album is largely themed on the Ron-Hermione relationship.
— Alex of The Wizarding World about I’m With Ginger [source]

Anvil and the Hints is one of the best wizard rock bands out there, and their debut album is excellent! You won’t be disappointed.
— The 8th Horcrux about I’m With Ginger [source]

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Thank You, Amortentia [Love Letters from Hogwarts, 7 February 2011]
Patronus Light [This Album is Not a Horcrux, 5 July 2011]

I’m With Ginger (album)

Released 25 September 2011anvilandthehints-imwithginger

  1. The Pendulum
  2. Oppugno
  3. Thank You, Amortentia
  4. Gone, Disapparated
  5. Farewell, My Friend
  6. The Piano Scene
  7. The Ballad of Ronald B Weasley
  8. Everyone’s in Love with Lily Evans
  9. Lily
  10. I’m With Ginger
  11. A Bossy Sort of Voice [bonus demo]
  12. Hogwarts School Song (The Hints Version) [bonus]

Lavender’s Lament [Wrock Hard Ditties, 1 October 2011]
Prowling [Wrock Hard Ditties, 1 October 2011]

Hermione, Open Your Window (EP)

Released 23 March 2012

  1. Hermione’s Birthday Song
  2. Gamp’s Law of Transfiguration
  3. Imma Ask Her to Dance
  4. Quidditch Keeper
  5. The Day I Learned the Swish and Flick
  6. I Did Three Awesome Things

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