(Re)introducing Secret Passages & Hidden Corridors: A Wizard Rock Soundtrack

Those of you who were around when I first created this site in 2014 might recognise the title Secret Passages & Hidden Corridors. It’s a longtime project of mine — an attempt to create a definitive soundtrack for the Harry Potter books by using exclusively wizard rock songs. Although I took down the original Secret Passages page in 2015, when I moved and redesigned the site, the idea stayed at the back of my mind and in my personal notes. I kept adding to my notes, but since the decline of 8tracks, I had no idea where to put them. There was also another question — what to do when some parts of the story are overpopulated with songs? Picking my favourites would turn Secret Passages into not much more than a display of my wizard rock tastes.

So, what I’ve done is list EVERY song that fits into a chapter in canon — this means that there are dozens of songs for some chapters, but it also means that you can use my lists as a guide to create your own playlists. Maybe you don’t own all the songs listed (I certainly don’t!). But you should be able to create a decent soundtrack, nevertheless.

More information can be found at the Secret Passages & Hidden Corridors page, which also has links to all seven volumes. There’s not much behind the name, except perhaps that I might end up introducing you to small bands or songs you’ve never heard before. Page comments are also open, so feel free to tell me about any songs you know of that could fit in particular chapters. There aren’t many songs from big name bands yet, but that’s because I’m slowly working my way through those bands and adding them.

(P.S. A small update on the previous blog post … I’ve been slack at uploading songs to YouTube, but I promise I haven’t abandoned that particular project!)


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