Concerning the Changes to 8tracks, Part 2

This is a follow-up post to one I wrote back in February, in which I discussed how you can no longer listen to mixes on 8tracks without streaming the tracks from YouTube, unless you are in the US or Canada. At the time, I hadn’t yet thought of a way to allow the mixes to be heard internationally (which would include me, except 8tracks allows you to listen to your own mixes). But then I had an inspiration, and honestly I feel silly for not hitting on it before.

So! Here’s the solution. I’ve opened a YouTube channel, which can be found here, and which contains playlists for every single one of the mixes I’ve put up on 8tracks. Only two of the playlists are complete so far, because I’ve had to upload a lot of the songs to YouTube myself, but the rest are in the works. If you click ‘watch on YouTube’ from the 8tracks page, it will hopefully play all the correct songs. I will also put links to the playlists on the corresponding 8tracks pages once the playlists are complete. Hopefully this will make wizard rock much more accessible to you, which is the whole point, after all!

Here are the two playlists I’ve completed so far. Happy listening!

Open at the Close

The Other Side


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