In Honour of Hermione’s Birthday

Today is Hermione’s birthday, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite Hermione songs to celebrate the occasion. These ones are not Romione songs (even though Romione songs are always sweet), but songs about Hermione herself.

The Hermione Crookshanks ExperienceOn Thestral, We Ride

Such a cute song on a topic that’s hardly ever sung about, and certainly not from Hermione’s point of view! Kristine takes the journey of the Seven Potters and turns it into a triumphant flight that’s all Hermione’s own, and utterly breathtaking.

PeevedPretty Girl

Peeved has some of the funniest wrock songs I know, and this is no exception. Despite the title, Hermione is show to be a much more than a pretty girl — she’s a very capable person who always saves Harry’s neck, saves his life and saves the world … but just because they’re friends.

Roonil WazlibBookworm

This is not my favourite Roonil Wazlib song (that crown goes to ‘Shell Cottage‘), but I still love how sweet and heartwarming it is. It’s hard to believe the same person wrote the hilarious ‘My Mirror is My Best Friend‘.

Siriusly Hazza PWhy’d I Do It?

I like this one because it’s fun to sing along to as well as catchy and unique. Hermione may be extremely clever, but she still makes mistakes just like anyone else.


This is one that really tugs at the heartstrings. Hermione has to modify her parents’ memories in order to save their lives, and though it’s a hard decision to make, she knows it’s the right one.

What are some of your favourite songs about Hermione?


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