What’s New in the Wrock World

It’s 2016 and wizard rock is still a thing. And you know what? It’ll always be a thing, as long as there are people listening to it, making it and encouraging others to do the same.


Hello, readers! It’s been a little while. Here are some things that are new (or new-ish; I’m a bit slack) in the wrock world.

Errandofmercy released an album called Songs of English Magic in December last year, which contains songs inspired by The Lord of the Rings and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell as well as five wizard rock songs. I quite like ‘The Sword’, myself.

Feminist wrock organisation Yes All Witches, brought to you by Steph Anderson of Tonks and the Aurors, has kicked off its 2016 tour. Last year, Steph was joined by acts such as Tianna and the Cliffhangers and Kirstyn Hippe. Visit Yes All Witches’ website to find out if they’ll be playing near you!

The Giant Squidstravaganza released an EP in May, called Relaxation and Beyond with the Giant Squidstravaganza. Also, don’t forget to check out Cephalopodcast, concerning the adventures of a giant squid just ‘trying to make his way in a difficult world full of humans and pollution’.

Percy and the Prefects released an EP called Which is Witch Demos just yesterday (the 25th), which I think is named after a line in their song ‘Ron’, previously released on Album Demos last year (no longer available). Anyway, Album Demos also contained two songs that are in Witch is Witch Demos under the same name — ‘Ten Galleons’ and ‘Mad-Eye Moody’. ‘Which is Witch’ and ‘Scabbers and Ron (Freaky Little Man)’ are the other two songs; ‘Which is Witch’ is a renamed new recording of ‘Ron’, and ‘Scabbers and Ron (Freaky Little Man)’ has never been released before. I was excited to receive an email about this new demo collection, and hope that Percy and the Prefects will put out their Which is Witch album soon, because their demos sound very promising. Percy also performed a solo show at FANCon in Ogden, Utah in early June.

Somebody on Tumblr — I’m not sure who — wants to put together a humble wizard rock album and wants your help. It won’t be a charity album, but simply a sampler of wizard rock made in the last year or two that you can show to people and say, ‘Hey, wizard rock is still around and it’s awesome.’ Submissions are due on the 6th of August; just email your song to wizardrocksampler@gmail.com.

The 8th Horcrux have recorded an album called Fantastic Beats & Where to Find Them (awesome name!), and it will be released on the first of July. Until then, you can preorder it for 10 USD and listen to three of the tracks online right now.

That’s all that’s shown up under my radar recently. I may do another one of these posts in the future if there’s enough to write about; if you’ve got any news you want to send me, or if there’s anything I missed, feel free to let me know.


2 thoughts on “What’s New in the Wrock World

  1. hi! i wanted to say that absolutely love your playlists!.. but as a desing student the banner on top of this site is making my eyes bleed and curl in a ball on the floor crying. the spacing is absolutely unholy . sorry its just a shame that this blog has overwall very pretty theme when the banner is messing it up so much. but yeah i still love you playlists!


    • Sorry! As you can tell, I am definitely NOT a design student, or even a visual person. Thanks for the heads up; on second though, I think I’ll take it down and stick with the plain text for now, to spare your eyes. 🙂


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